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Mark of the medical beast: 'Tech tattoos' will store your personal medical and financial information on a microchip embedded in your skin

Electronic tattoos

(NaturalNews) Throughout history, religious leaders and so-called prophets have warned that the mark of the beast is imminent, that a time of great strife and suffering is near, that the end of the world is coming. These time-based prophesies, fervently believed in, can become self-fulfilling prophesies. The masses, with their hearts sincerely drawn to these apocalyptic beliefs, create the conditions in their lives for these circumstances to manifest. Today, wide scale suffering and death is manifesting through the synthetic, pharmaceutical, slash-burn, immune system-suppressing medical system. If you haven't checked out Gary Null's book, Death by Medicine, look into it. The abuses are well documented. Or check out Pharma Death Clock.

As drug companies profit in the billions, people are dying by the millions, and the abuses of this medical system can now be arrogantly branded into people as a mark – a microchip that tracks people's health and financial information, beckoning allegiance to a system that systematically suppresses people's ability to heal from the day they are born.

Today, the case could be made that technological advances in microchips and data storage are bringing about the "mark of the beast." In fact, new "tech tattoos" can now be embedded in a person's skin, storing their medical and financial information on a microchip, dictating when they should go to the doctor and how often they should consume drugs.

In essence, these new tech tattoos are a mark from the "medical beast." These microchips will be stamped into people whose lives are already controlled by a medical system that is fervently detached from the art and science of healing. These marks on humans show just how controlling the medical system has become. People lining up to be chipped with these will look like cows being branded, herded for slaughter. These chips will literally dictate what people consider to be healthcare, and they will blindly follow along.

To make matters worse, these tech tattoos can carry a person's financial information. Individual human dignity will be destroyed as people become nothing more than the digits and numbers in their microchip. People will easily be controlled when their lives depend on the finances stored in their chip. They will do what they are ordered to do, as long as they are receiving the money they need on their chip.

It's not a conspiracy. Software company Chaotic Moon has developed these "tech tattoos" which get embedded in a person's arm to track their medical and financial information. As the dollar collapses and as a one world currency emerges on the horizon, these chips could be the ultimate vessel to initiate a global, trackable, electronic currency.

"We carry wallets around and they are so vulnerable. With the tech tattoo you can carry all your information on your skin and when you want your credit card information or your ID, you can pull that up automatically through the system," said hardware creative technologist Eric Schneider. There's no doubt this information could be hacked, stolen, monitored or used for marketing purposes.

Schneider works for Chaotic Moon, and said the tattoo can monitor people's vital signs and monitor when their body is being stressed and about to get sick.

"Rather than going to the doctor once a year for your physical, this tech tattoo can be something you put on your body once a year and it monitors everything that they would do in a physical and it sends that to your doctor, and if there's an issue they can call you," Schneider said. "So the tech tattoos can really tie in everything into one package. It can look at early signs of fever, your vital signs, heart rate, everything it needs to look at to notify you that you're getting sick or your child is getting sick."

The tattoo's "electro conductive ink" contains various sensors and microchips which last up to a year. People would have to be re-chipped with the ink each year to maintain the data control system.

The tech tattoo is more than just an implant, too. The microchip can transmit information wirelessly to a computer. This means that state-licensed doctors can retrieve information about people from their own computers and then decide what to prescribe. It will be a surefire way to push more toxic pills down people's throats, more often. Rest assured, information from the chips will be made readily available to pharmaceutical companies, which will help them market their drugs more effectively.

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