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Scientists: Zika virus has potential to go pandemic

Zika virus

(NaturalNews) There comes a time, when the complex challenges we face as individuals and as communities, force us to re-examine our relationship with our environment, our bodies and the natural world. The worldview that we are separate from one another has permeated every aspect of our thought-life and manifests in many of our day-to-day interactions. A divide-and-conquer mentality is what our species has typically defaulted to when faced with complex challenges.

Now is the time to let go of the past, to let go of the idea that we are separate from one another. As we awaken to this new concept of connection, we begin to see how perspectives from all walks of life come together to form a beautiful spectrum of human experience that we can all relate to. We are more connected than we previously thought, and science is beginning to show that we all share a field of energy, emanating from the heart. While we can't see this connection with our eyes, we can measure it through our feeling-based experiences with other individuals – those heartfelt moments that stand out in our memories the most powerfully.

The same principle of connection applies to our relationship with our environment

We have been at war with one another for so long, thinking this is the only way to preserve what we think we know is true. In much the same way, we have adopted a mindset of man versus nature, creating a struggle that puts us at war with our natural surroundings.

Science is also beginning to document our unique relationship with the microbes in our environment. We typically regard bacteria as something to kill and be separate from. What we are beginning to recognize however, is that our bodies are constantly interacting with a vast intelligent plane of bacteria life forces. In fact, millions of bacteria cells live symbiotically within the human gut and intestines, regulating digestive functions, protecting the blood and modulating immune system responses.

When we begin to honor our interactions with the microbiology in our environment, giving our bodies the food and instruction that strengthen the intelligence and endurance of our microbiome, we multiply our ability to survive, ultimately creating the conditions where we no longer struggle against the pathogenic forces we once fought.

As health organizations around the world warn us of impending pandemics, we must stop and listen to our own bodies first, re-examining our relationship with the natural world. Are we allowing fear to drive us toward a divide-and-conquer mentality?

We are now seeing how this mindset has permeated medical science, in the form of antibiotics. The thought process behind antibiotics is to kill bacteria, but antibiotics leave the human gut defenseless against future pathogenic challenges, because the good bacteria colonies are wiped out along with the bad. Antibiotics have also spurred the rise of super bugs – pathogenic forces with increasing resistance and deadliness. Mass chemical pesticide and herbicide spraying has accelerated the same horrifying response from the environment, leading to the development of super weeds and increasing pestilences.

Mass chemical efforts to kill viruses and the mosquitoes that transmit them, have only given rise to viruses with increasing resistance and pervasiveness. Zika has "explosive pandemic potential," as scientists now warn.

Taking off in Brazil a year ago, the Zika virus has now become invasive in 21 countries across the Americas and the Caribbean. Quite possibly spread by genetically modified mosquitoes released in 2012 by biotech firm Oxitec, Zika virus is now predicted to infect up to four million people in the Americas in 2016. In the past, authorities have tried to control the Aedes aegypti mosquito population because they also infect people with Dengue fever, yellow fever and chickungunya. Efforts to control mosquitoes in the past with insecticides and GM interference is apparently causing a situation of increased resistance throughout nature.

Human survival of viral pandemics will ultimately come down to a shift in mindset, a re-evaluation of how we interact with the natural world. The divide-and-conquer, burn, poison and kill approach, continues to prove destructive long term. The re-connection of people with their microbiome is one way in which we can disseminate fear of the pathogenic forces, activating the immune system response, so that we can begin to adapt to the extremes in our world.

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