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Health Basics: Which public school breakfast and lunch foods do NOT cause cancer, diabetes and obesity?

School lunch

(NaturalNews) "School food sucks;" the kids will tell you. Not only does the quality leave a lot to be desired these days, but the taste has even gone downhill. Even the salads and vegetables at public schools have been grown in nutrient-deprived soil loaded with toxic fertilizers, and watered with toxic fluoridated water, day after day. Then, it's all processed, bagged, boxed and sent to education centers of America, where the children either have zero energy or way too much, and where their brains are in a constant fog, because all they consume when they get to school are chemicals at breakfast, and then more at lunch. If you don't pack your kids a lunch full of nutritional value, get ready to deal with severe, "inexplicable" allergies, behavior disorders, IQ loss, anxiety and depression. So what's really in that "manager's special" today? Hopefully your child isn't considering eating a pancake-covered sausage on a stick, or some burnt hot dogs. They must know better than that, right?

This is what the kids are eating at public schools

Sloppy Joes – Pink slime or pork posing as hamburger, with MSG for flavor, slopped onto a bleached white bun. Also contains synthetic, chemical conditioners and gluten to clog the digestive tract. Add some HFCS-loaded ketchup (high fructose corn syrup) and what have you got?

Tacos – Same as a "Sloppy Joe," except put the CAFO meat on a large GMO corn chip that contains a chemical-based pesticide that kills bugs. Is your child a rootworm beetle?

Pizza – Just lots of cheese that contains synthetic hormones given to dairy cows to make them produce twice as much milk, which gives them udder infections, which transfers pus and drugs to the cheese.

Waffles, Bagels, Toast, Croissants, Rolls, Biscuits (anything bread) – All just gluten, gluten and more gluten, manufactured, processed, "conditioned" and "preserved" with bleach, sugar and azodicarbonamide (yoga mat material). The flour can be treated with 60 different chemicals approved by the FDA before it ends up on the cafeteria tables. Add any HFCS syrup from jelly, jam and honey, or some artificial hormone-laced rBGH and rBST butter or cream cheese, and you've got a toxic concoction that breeds ADHD, ADD, autoimmune disorders, susceptibility to the flu and other viruses, bad gut bacteria, nervous system disorders and massive, "inexplicable" weight gain.

Milk (and yogurt) – All coming from cows that live in filthy, confined animal feeding (holocaust-like) operations all across America, where they eat only toxic genetically modified Frankenfeed – GM alfalfa and GM corn.

Eggs – All coming from CAFO chickens given synthetic hormones and GM feed.

Chicken Sandwich – More CAFO meat on gluten. Add hormone-laced mayonnaise, or a chemical-laced pickle or two. Zero nutrition, lots of chemicals and new "allergies" on the way. Stale chicken "eggo" waffles anyone?

French fries and hash browns – Genetically modified potatoes deep fried in hydrogenated rapeseed oil (canola) until "crispy golden brown," then coated with iodized table salt, maybe topped off with more HFCS ketchup. What child can resist this hot and tasty little health nightmare?

Mac-n-cheese and spaghetti – All bleached, modified and processed pasta, turns into sugar in the gut, which promotes diabetes and cancer.

Smucker's PB&J – Served up in some purple "happy" wrap, the cheap GMO peanut butter might choke your child; be careful.

Cheese Burgers – Just a thin hockey puck with cheese on top that looks (and tastes) like plastic.

Slab of turkey in mystery gravy – This one even looks disgusting. Enough said.

Hey kids, don't forget to line up for your flu shot that contains MSG, embalming fluid and yes, DEADLY MERCURY, that all the doctors and dentists enjoy pushing on America.

What to do about all this? Stop the insanity. Pack an organic or self-grown lunch for your kids, with a thermos full of organic soup or spring water. It's the only chance at ideal health that they've got – at least while they're in school. Oh, and don't forget to petition your school, district, city, county, state and country for clean food.

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