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Horseshoe crab populations in decline as Big Pharma snatches half a million each year to slowly drain their blood for vaccine tests

Horseshoe crabs

(NaturalNews) As pharmaceutical "science" advances, it leaves a trail of carnage in its wake. Did you know that vaccine manufacturers are immune from all liability? The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVIC) was created by the US Congress in 1986 to circumvent the judicial process, to exempt vaccine manufacturers from being sued for damaging people's lives. The government vaccine court – that the mainstream media pretends doesn't exist – has paid out over $3 billion to vaccine damaged families, while dismissing thousands of other cases of vaccine damage.

Not only do vaccine manufacturers get away with damaging people's lives with this imperfect science, but they also have unlimited authority to destroy the ecosystem by snatching up half a million horseshoe crabs each year, and using them for vaccine tests. Each year, it is estimated that over 500,000 horseshoe crabs are sacrificed to prepare vaccines for sale. Apparently vaccine manufacturers are also immune from prosecution for endangering an entire species of ocean life.

Horseshoe crab and bird populations sacrificed for vaccine tests

In North and Central America, horseshoe crab populations are threatened, in decline, and vulnerable to over-fishing. Now we know why. Pharmaceutical companies stealthily snatch up half a million of these beautiful sea creatures each year, just as the crabs are preparing to mate. After the crabs are kidnapped, they are hooked up to machines, as their magnificent blue blood is forcibly drained with a crude siphon during a 24–72 hour process.

A staggering 10–30 percent of the crabs die during this cruel operation. According to estimates, over 150,000 crabs are ritualistically bled and killed each year, just to test bacteria levels in the vaccines. The remaining crabs that survive are returned to the wild, but have a difficult time reproducing from there on out. Because of this, scientists have also recognized a decline in the bird populations that feast on these eggs.

Did you know that a single female horseshoe crab can lay 90,000 eggs when she is healthy? Countless species of shorebirds depend on this fresh supply of eggs. About 10 of the eggs laid by each crab survive – if the crab isn't snatched up by pharmaceutical companies first. Not only are pharmaceutical companies taking out the crabs, but they are also decimating bird populations on the shoreline, altering entire oceanic ecosystems.

Bacteria ecosystems being destroyed in the guts of vaccine recipients

This cruel disregard for animal populations and ecosystems is a reflection of the same cruel disregard for the commensal bacteria ecosystem living in the human gut. A vaccine recipient retrains their entire immune system when they submit to an injection. The vaccine virus and other chemicals are injected and therefore bypass the body's normal filters – skin, membranes and immune system first lines of defense. The adjuvant in the vaccine (typically a brain damaging, inflammatory aluminum compound), forces the immune system to respond to the virus or bacteria in the vaccine. This forced intervention teaches the immune response to learn a new way to protect against an individual virus or bacteria strain. In this retraining process, the entire immune system is suppressed, and becomes more susceptible to other pathogens. The antibiotics that are typically present in vaccines are capable of wiping out the diversity of the human microbiome, weakening the body's protective force of good bacteria.

Just as cruel vaccine tests destroy entire crab and bird populations, the ingredients in vaccines destroy the ecosystem of the human microbiome. As animal populations dwindle, and as humans suffer with weakening immune systems and brain damage, the pharmaceutical companies go on with no liability and no consequences.

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