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Geoengineering programs to accelerate methane release, pushing planet toward doomsday


(NaturalNews) The world, at least as we currently know it, could very soon cease to exist. Climate scientists clinging to the man-made global warming theory are now warning that we are in the very last days, and that a global mass extinction event is at the doorstep. But missing from their distressing narrative is the damage that geoengineering projects are causing to the planet, projects that ironically are taking place to supposedly stop global warming.

Carbon dioxide, and specifically methane gas trapped beneath the earth's crust and oceans, is said to be the primary driver of global warming. And industrial activities are the scapegoat in this mass carbon release, which some scientists say is creating an indeterminate feedback loop in which progressively more methane is being unlocked from deep within the earth, spurring even more warming and more methane release.

Atmospheric spraying to fight 'global warming' is actually causing it

There are literally trillions of tons of carbon in the form of sequestered methane hiding beneath the earth's surface. This methane is naturally locked by glaciers, land, and other features of the earth that are increasingly releasing it, allegedly due to expanding human activity on the earth. So the goal, naturally, is to reduce this activity, and global warming activists suggest that governments can accomplish this by restricting people's freedoms and implementing more taxes.

But what they're not telling you is that governments and other devious parties are actively spraying the world's skies with particles that are rapidly accelerating the warming process, resulting in higher methane releases. Such activities, which are being conducted under the guise of mitigatory geoengineering, are further perpetuating the problem, which global warming fanatics errantly blame on everyday human activities.

Sure, burning fossil fuels and concentrating animals in factory farms isn't helping any. But neither is blanketing the skies in sulfur dioxide, aluminum, barium, and other toxic particulates that are further sequestering excess warmth and driving more methane gas out of the ground. While the corporate media foolishly bemoans the natural methane releases in cattle flatulence, unmarked airplanes are busy blasting the skies with poisonous chemicals that are doing far more harm.

"The ongoing climate engineering programs are not mitigating this problem, but rather making it worse," explains Geoengineering Watch. "In an attempt to hide the unfolding climate and environmental cataclysm from the public for as long as possible, the power structure and the geoengineers are actually fueling the fire overall and effectively poisoning the entire planet in the process."

Geoengineering will destroy all planetary life if not stopped

A team of scientists from the U.K. recently admitted that geoengineering schemes, which were previously excused as "conspiracy theories," are very much real. They also admitted that such projects "could harm billions" of people, blocking out sunlight, toxifying soils, and polluting oceans, all effects that exacerbate destructive changes to the climate.

"Personally, I find this stuff terrifying," explained Dr. Matt Watson, a climate scientist at Bristol University, to BBC News. "We don't like the idea, but we're more convinced than ever that we have to research it."

Besides damaging the ozone layer, which is one of the earth's natural climate control mechanisms, geoengineering actually shrinks the atmosphere, leading to massive changes in precipitation patterns. The result? Animals end up going extinct, large areas of land become deserts, and biodiversity comes to a screeching halt.

"Without the ozone layer, life in any form would likely not exist on our planet," adds Geoengineering Watch, adding that this destruction will leave earth prone to massive solar flares that would result in much higher temperature spikes than the normal fluctuations or warming and cooling that already occur.

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