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Junk science study and mass media make huge leap to claim e-cigs ('vaping') just as toxic as cigarettes


(NaturalNews) The latest media frenzy warning about electronic cigarettes being just as dangerous to your health as commercial cigarettes, is nothing but Big Tobacco trying to save their customers from "exiting" the third most addictive (and costly) habit on the planet. The mass media – or "lame-stream media" – has jumped on the bandwagon of a bogus study done by a bogus researcher, stretching the data so far it snapped. And since most Americans only read and remember the headlines of the fake news, unfortunately Big Tobacco and their mass media shills may have accomplished their mission.

A new study published in the journal, Oral Oncology, said two kinds of e-cigarettes damage cells "in ways that could lead to cancer." However, the scientists at the University of California (San Diego) tested days of CONTINUOUS vaping on human cells (in a petri dish), that ALREADY HAD CANCER of the head and neck, known as squamous cell carcinoma. And who "vapes" continuously for days on end anyway? Well, of course the cancer will worsen, if you deprive the cells of oxygen, feed them nicotine and the concentrated extract of artificial ingredients used in e-cigs, and pump it ALL into squamous carcinoma cells continuously for days on end. How stupid. But it wasn't about the details of the study – it was about creating dozens of mainstream media (MSM) headlines for the sheeple and the smokers to read, so that they can all talk about what they just "learned": that e-cigs are "just as bad for you as cigarettes," so there's obviously no reason to switch over to vaporizing with these electronic cigarettes.

One of the lead researchers, Dr. Jessica Wang-Rodriguez, wrote about "DNA strand breaks" and how the cellular repair process is impaired, and "the stage is set for cancer." The huge leap is then made that e-cigs are just as dangerous as cigarettes, but they left a few things out of that equation or conclusion: The fact that cigarettes contain ammonia, formaldehyde, bleach, toxic herbicides and toxic insecticides. Oops. The study didn't even use a living person! But again, all that matters to MSM are the headlines, and now they had their new bogus study for reference. All the media needed was one doctor or scientist to say the words, "I believe e-cigarettes are no better than smoking regular cigarettes," and that's exactly what they got.

Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals, unlike e-cigs

Sure, vaping carries some health risks, especially if it still contains nicotine, even though some e-cigs contain no nicotine. Anytime anyone consumes, breathes in or puts chemicals or artificial ingredients on or inside their body repetitively, they're taking a health risk. Still, large government grants support bogus studies that keep pushing propaganda to convince Americans that their toxic food, toxic beverages, toxic personal care products and toxic cigarettes, are the only road to pleasure and leisure. And how TIMELY was the release of the bogus study, just before New Year's, when millions of smokers make a resolution to quit smoking cancer sticks. Nice PR move Big Tobacco.

'Formaldehyde in E-cigs' study complete HOAX but still published in New England Journal of Medicine

In 2015, some Portland State University scientists published a peer-reviewed letter in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), summarizing a study on e-cigarettes that asserted that vapors contain formaldehyde. In fact, "High Levels of Formaldehyde Hidden in E-Cigarettes" was the headline at NBC.com. "E-Cigarettes Not Safer Than Ordinary Cigarettes" was another headline at Tech Times, and yet another claimed e-cigs to have a HIGHER cancer risk than smoking. In the study, scientists claimed to have found formaldehyde when running the electronic cigarette device only at high voltage. Their conclusion? Heavy users of vaporizers at high voltage were 15 TIMES more likely to get cancer than a "longtime smoker." They just completely made that up! Coverage swooped across the internet, paid for in large part by Big Tobacco.

In reality, e-cigarettes are actually HELPING 60 percent of smokers to GET OFF CIGARETTES, which is an astonishing figure. Or, you can choose to escape the whole nicotine prison. The Health Ranger recommends an all natural program that's organic! Be sure to visit: Programs.NaturalNews.com

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