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Mandatory vaccine legislation will lead to compulsory organ harvesting from Americans' bodies

Mandatory vaccination

(NaturalNews) Health freedom is a sacred right that strikingly few people in America today seem to recognize as vitally important to a free society. This is evidenced by the largely manufactured measles crisis, which has sent some into a tailspin of draconian fervor as they call on the government to literally force the entire populace into getting vaccinated for the "greater good."

But the moment we allow government to decide one aspect of how we must live our lives is the moment we allow government to decide all aspects of how we must live our lives. If forced vaccination is ever (God forbid) recognized as normal and necessary to keep people "safe" from disease, for instance, the floodgates will be opened to all sorts of other compulsory "medical" interventions like mandatory organ harvesting.

Forcing anyone to do anything solely on the basis that it serves some mythical "greater good" is a slippery slope into tyranny. It directly mirrors the Nazi propaganda campaigns prior to World War II that made things like mandatory euthanasia for disabled people appear necessary for the continuity of a healthy, civil society.

An op-ed piece recently published by MinnPost.com, entitled "The case for mandatory vaccinations," could very well be mistaken for one of the Nazi propaganda posters referenced in the aforementioned link (especially if it was published in German rather than English). Its author, a professor of political science by the name of David Schultz, argues that personal liberty as it concerns vaccinations must be sacrificed on the altar of "state interests in promoting public health."

This was the exact same excuse used by the Third Reich to sterilize or murder "defective" members of society who were allegedly costing the public health system large sums of money. Just like the Nazis, Schultz believes that mandatory vaccinations are necessary to address the "public costs and expenditures" supposedly resulting from unvaccinated individuals who require "additional health-care expenditures."

Vaccines don't work and they're dangerous, but even if they were the "miracle cure" that the establishment claims they are, forcing them on people is medical tyranny

This highly repressive claim incorrectly assumes that unvaccinated children are sicker and require more medical care than vaccinated children, a myth that has been completely debunked by science. To the contrary, vaccinated children tend to be more immunocompromised than unvaccinated children, have far more diseases and disorders than unvaccinated children and spread disease to other children as a result of vaccine-induced live-virus "shedding."

But the real issue here, regardless of all these facts, is still medical freedom. Without informed consent and the freedom to choose whether or not to be jabbed with live viruses, chemical preservatives, heavy metals and aborted human fetal tissue, Americans are literally no different from Nazi war prisoners, many of whom were also forced to undergo various medical treatments or experiments for the "greater good."

If forced vaccinations should ever become the norm, so will all sorts of other heinous crimes against humanity. If the government suddenly wants your vital organs for the "greater good," and deems you to have "disabilities" or other "defects" that it claims will be a "burden" to society, then it might decide to take these organs by force. Or if your child gets vaccinated and develops autoimmunity or autism as a result, the government may decide that the societal burden of your child is too much, and that your child needs to be exterminated.

If you support mandatory vaccinations, are you prepared to surrender all your other medical freedoms as well? Think long and hard about this before jumping on the bandwagon of "saving the children" by supporting forced vaccinations on those who, for whatever reason, decide to take a different course of action, of their own free will.

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