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Adding fluoride to public water may cause bone cancer in some, warns expert


(NaturalNews) The byproducts of the phosphate mining industry, hexafluorosilicic acid and sodium silicofluoride, are sold to cities around the world, and then dumped into those cities' municipal water supplies. We're told that fluoride prevents cavities, and this is the justification used to pour it into the water supply to mass medicate entire populations.

This is the same fluoride byproduct that once flowed freely through the smokestacks of the phosphate mining industry. When local farmers complained about crop and livestock loss, the phosphate mining industry quickly found an alternative way to collect the toxic byproducts using wet scrubbers. Now this health and environmental hazard is sold to cities in large skull and crossbones containers so that the fluoride chemicals can slowly and stealthily be released into water supplies around the world.

Again, we're told that it's done to prevent tooth decay. This sounds nice, but who gets to decide what's safe for the entire population? Who has the authority to decide what's best for everyone's bodies?

Fluoride linked to bone and bladder cancers

After decades of water fluoridation, there is no credible evidence that the toxic chemical has prevented tooth decay. There is credible evidence, however, that fluoride byproducts are lowering the IQs of children, causing cell death, and changing gene expression. There are now over 24 published scientific studies showing how fluoride exposure destroys a person's brain function.

As Mike Adams points out in the short informative film, Fluoride Deception, "One study conducted by the Center for Endemic Disease Control in China found that each additional milligram of fluoride detected in every liter of a child's urine was associated with a 0.59 point decrease in their IQ score. Another study found that fluoride exposure slashed the number of children achieving 'high IQs' by more than 70 percent."

The newest concern about fluoride is the link between fluoridation and bone and bladder cancers. Professors and public health officials are beginning to speak out.

Fluoride does occur naturally, but the kind of fluoride byproduct that is dumped as a concentrate into the water supply, and used as a drug on hundreds of millions of people, slowly destroys the mind, body and spirit. In the U.K., over six million people have been forcibly drugged with fluoride for more than 40 years. In the U.S., nearly 75 percent of cities have access to fluoridated water. Starting in 1945, the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was the first to begin mass medicating the water supply using fluoride.

Professor calls for an end to water fluoridation

Professor Stephen Peckham, of the University of Kent, recently spoke with The Guardian: "You can't really confidently say that water fluoridation is either safe or effective. There is a problem where the evidence is seen as either totally in favor or totally negative and it's more murky than that."

"It's a dental health policy that's got up a head of steam and people have been reluctant to see it criticized." Professor Peckham has researched the devastating link between fluoride and hypothyroidism. The influx of toxic waste fluoride into the body destroys the thyroid gland, leading to sleeping problems, certain anxieties and muscle weakness.

Additionally, fluoride causes the pineal gland to calcify, restricting the gland's ability to regulate melatonin and produce DMT.

Fluoride changes gene expression

At the Department of Pediatric Dentistry, School of Dentistry, University of North Carolina, researchers found that, depending on the dose, time and duration of fluoride exposure, it can lead to disturbances of bone homeostasis (skeletal fluorosis) and enamel development (dental/enamel fluorosis). This research contradicts the official story we've been told all along – that fluoride prevents tooth decay. Fluoride can actually cause tooth decay! The research found that fluorides change gene expression using the MAPK signaling pathway, causing cell death.

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