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CNN news panelist demonstrates stunning power of selective lobotomies, claims the actions of Muslim terrorists are the fault of conservative gun owners


(NaturalNews) Sometimes it is kind of funny to watch liberal news folks twist logic and defy common sense in their never-ending bid to infect the body politic with their Marxism. But sometimes the bending and twisting goes overboard and wanders into the realm of dangerous denial – the kind that can get Americans killed (and, in fact, already has).

The latter happened just recently during a CNN segment, in which a panel of guests was discussing leading GOP presidential contender Donald Trump's statement a few weeks ago that were he president, he would ban all Muslims from entering the United States, until U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies could establish a system for properly vetting them, in the wake of the San Bernardino, Calif., terrorist attack, which left 14 Americans dead.

One of the panelists was conservative commentator Kurt Schlichter, a U.S. Army veteran, who was visibly stunned on the air when author Arun Kundnani actually alleged that Islamic jihadis are "becoming more like Americans" as they integrate into our "gun culture."

So, it's OUR fault Muslims kill us?

"Let's look at Muslim terrorism," Kundnani said. "The main trend that we're seeing in Muslim terrorism is Muslims are no longer focusing on planes when they commit acts of terrorism, they're carrying out mass shootings. So in other words, Muslim terrorists are becoming more like Americans, right? They're integrating into American gun culture and they're becoming more like you. ... You're a gun lover," he concluded, aiming that last bit at political opponents on the panel.

"So now if we want to solve this problem, we can actually solve two problems at the same time," Kundnani continued. "Let's deal with our gun problem and we solve the Muslim terrorism problem at the same time."

"Wow," was Schlichter's initial response to Kundnani's asinine assertion.

Wow, indeed. Kundnani has either been living under a rock or, more likely, is purposely ignoring the gun culture of ISIS, which uses them to gun down men, women and children whom members of the group believe oppose them or who aren't fellow Muslims (of the same religious sect).

Also, such proposals just aren't serious; the same terrorist organization had no trouble arming a half-dozen of its followers in Paris for a November attack that left 130 people dead – in a city and country where private gun ownership is about as restrictive as it gets.

A surrogate for Trump, Scottie Hughes, was the first to take on Kundnani. She argued that fewer people would have died in the San Bernardino terrorist attack if "every person in that room in California had a gun on their ankle."

And, she added, "This is why we don't trust Muslims in this country; it's because they lie, like you just did."

Liberalism kills

Then it was Schlichter's turn.

"Scottie, I do trust Muslims; I trust the ones I worked with," he began. "Now Arun, I don't need to be lectured when I spent two deployments protecting Muslims, giving years of my life and risking it to protect Muslims. So don't start telling me that I'm Islamophobic. But the truth is the truth. And there is a cancer in the Muslim community, and the first responders have to be other Muslims."

Both Schlichter and Hughes also pressed for more "honesty" within the Muslim community about the reality that there is an extremist element within the faith that not only teaches violence against "infidels" – anyone not a Muslim – but that condones such violence and even acts on it. Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Mormons aren't lining up men and women and butchering them with a round to the back of the head, or shooting and blowing up innocent civilians in Western cities.

Muslims are doing that. And it's time to end the charade of the "not all Muslims are bad" crowd and call the violence what it is: Islamic-inspired.

Not all Christians took part in the Crusades, but there's little historical evidence to suggest that people in Muslim countries targeted by them were preoccupied with convincing anyone who would listen that "not all Christians are bad."

Watch the whole discussion here.





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