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How to prepare a retreat for long-term survival

Survival retreat

(NaturalNews) Modern day systems that most people depend upon are deteriorating. These systems are more vulnerable than ever before. Those with practical common sense can see that the value of the dollar today is worth a fraction of what it was worth when the gold standard was used.
Now, the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve System are printing currency into oblivion, inflating it, destroying the value of Americans' savings. As the federal government spends out of control, they are practically imposing a silent, negative interest rate on everyone's savings. In this realization, many are now diversifying their savings, investing in precious metals, real estate and even store-able goods like seeds, food, ammunition and medical supplies.

For those looking to be independent from the system, there are many personal preparations to be made, like getting out of debt and living on less, learning valuable homesteading skills, getting off prescription drugs, providing alternative energy, and locating possible places to prepare a retreat for long-term survival.

Reasons to have a backup retreat location available

There are many system failures that could warrant the need for having a backup retreat to turn to. These include but are not limited to:

Pandemic: How important will a secluded site with fresh water and medical equipment be if a pandemic unfold in cities that lack the infrastructure to handle an outbreak?

Invasion: How important will it be to have a secluded hideaway with proper defense in case riots, martial law, or even a foreign invasion takes place?

EMP or nuclear strike: Are you prepared to live without electricity or basic infrastructure if there is a domestic nuclear attack or an EMP disaster that renders electronic equipment useless?

Natural disaster: At any given time, natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, flooding, hurricanes or tornadoes can take out everything dearest to you. How important would it be to have a separate place with alternative resources?

Resource shortage: If drought becomes a problem in your area, are you prepared to relocate to a place with new sources of water and food?

Economic collapse: Financial independence is very important in a volatile economy. Knowing how to live on less and make things work is extremely valuable. Having multiple incomes or skills to attract opportunities will always be important as the economy shifts.

Questions to consider before undergoing any long-term survival project

For those thinking about preparing a retreat in an emergency situation, here are some things to practically consider:

Capability: Are you even capable of purchasing the land and having a working budget to build and spend time on the property preparing? It's important to stick to a budget and not amass debt in the process of preparing. Accumulating debt can be counterproductive as you work toward self-sufficiency.

Commitment: Are you willing to make the time and effort to learn essential skills needed to build, maintain, and protect a retreat that is self-sufficient?

Proximity: How close will your backup location be to your current living quarters? Do you have means of transportation and fuel to make it to your destination in case disaster strikes without warning?

Location: Is the spot far enough away from civilization so you won't have to worry as much about stray looters, bored teenagers, prison or psych ward escapees, or other potentially reckless and dangerous parties?

What you'll need to have access to for long-term survival

Having a backup retreat takes careful preparation. To avoid conflict and protect all resources, every retreat should have a self-defense plan. Does your retreat have a defensive position or a lookout location? How does the natural formation of the land protect the retreat? Natural placement is everything. Hills and bodies of water can be used to the retreat's advantage.

More important is the retreat's proximity to water sources. Is it located near a pond, lake, spring or stream? Do you have the resources available to collect rainwater and purify it? Will there be an adequate amount to grow food and raise livestock year round?

Along with water comes food necessity. Do you have garden space, food preservation skills, or the ability to identify wild edibles? Having a cool, underground storage space is important for preserving a harvest through the winter. Knowing how to identify medicinal herbs can keep your health strong in a tough situation. Ultimately, you may want the ability to raise livestock for meat, eggs or milk. Providing secure housing and protection for these animals is paramount. Will they have room to graze? Will they have food through the winter or in times of drought?

Lastly, you'll want to have an alternative source of energy that is sustainable. Look at your current lifestyle and identify all the things you depend on for energy. What can you live without? How much energy will you need for what is absolutely essential, like cooking food or keeping warm? Firewood may be accessible, but for long-term scenarios, do you have the skills to use running water, sun or wind to provide power?

With the future more uncertain than ever, we must use the power of our minds and the tenacity of our spirit to keep our future as bright as possible. Preparing a retreat for long-term survival is not feasible for all, but it is a working priority for those who understand that dependence on the vulnerable systems of our time is no happy or safe way to live at all.

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