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New Hampshire to introduce bacon-flavored scratch-n-sniff lottery tickets, because ideas can never be too stupid for government-run lotto schemes

Lottery tickets

(NaturalNews) What's the most mathematically inept financial decision anyone can make? It's betting on government-run lotto schemes. According to financial expert Dave Ramsey, "The odds of winning a lottery are literally about one in 125 million." Ramsey reports that a person is "1,488,095 times more likely to die in a car wreck on the way to the gas station to buy the lottery ticket." Astonishingly, the poorest household incomes in America (under $12,400) spend about $645 yearly on average for lottery tickets. That's equivalent to taxing yourself an extra 5 percent or more and handing the money over to the state each year -- a huge chunk wasted when you're only bringing in about a thousand a month.

It's astonishing that the poorest Americans would just let the government come right into their wallet and rob them with permission! It's financial suicide, yet the idea sticks, as the powerful elite prey on people's weaknesses.

Now the government of New Hampshire is rolling out a new plan to prey on people's weaknesses: create a bacon-scented scratch-n-sniff ticket.

Ticket sales began January 5. The game manager, Kelley-Jaye Rosberg said that 70,000 tickets were sold in the first week and that, by the end of February, warehouses would be empty. An entire print run of 783,000 tickets are set to be sold within the coming month.

"It's been blowing it out of the water," she said. In addition, there will be a bacon truck, offering free bacon in five locations across the state.

It's like tricking a donkey into doing what you want by holding a carrot out on a stick in front of his mouth. At least the jackass is going after something healthy.

The New Hampshire government has a much unhealthier plan: Hold the smell of bacon in front of people's noses to coax them into throwing their money away on pure scratch-off disappointment.

Hey, at least if you lose, you can take the bacon smell home and savor it each morning as motivation before you head out to buy the next day's lotto ticket. You can even let your family smell it each morning, as long as their mouths don't water and expect real bacon. After all, if daddy's wasting money on bacon scratch-off tickets, he probably isn't bringing home any real bacon.

Who knows, the average jackass following government-bacon-on-a-stick is so delusional these days, they might even fill the fridge full of the bacon-fumigating scratch-off tickets and pretend that there's actual bacon in the fridge. If that doesn't work, they can always ask the government to hand out an EBT card to cover for their losses. That way, they can feel like a provider again, in some weird dependent way, stocking up on real bacon using that EBT ticket.

Whether it's lotto or EBT, it's all part of a government scheme: to keep the masses poor and enslaved for the rest of their lives. In that way, power can remain centralized and freedom can be dictated.

The EBT scheme preys on the population's ignorance of nutrition, handing out the most depleted foods that keep people dumbed down and suppressed. The handouts don't encourage anyone to seek nutrition or grow their own food. They only make Americans into high-profit customers of the banking cartel and pharmaceutical industry as everyone eats their way to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

The more trapped a person feels, the more they beg for the system's help, but all the system has to give is bacon-scented scratch-off tickets for everyone to fill their fridges with and pretend that they are going to have it made.

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