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Dangerous Chagas disease imported into USA from Latin America as open borders allow contagious diseases to flourish

Chagas disease

(NaturalNews) Not only are drugs and dangerous criminals pouring across the southern border of the U.S., but a protozoan parasite called Trypanosoma cruzi (T. cruzi) is also migrating through, bringing an entirely new (and fatal) threat to the U.S., which is called Chagas disease.

This T. cruzi parasite flourishes in 21 Latin American countries and affects nine million people in the Western Hemisphere. It is most common in places like Brazil, Bolivia and Mexico, but it is slowly establishing itself in the U.S., because infected immigrants from the south can readily cross the fearfully open U.S.-Mexico border.

According to The National School for Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, there are a growing number of infections occurring in Texas. CDC officials report that there are 300,000 cases of Chagas disease currently in the U.S.

Chagas disease, also known as American trypanosomiasis, occurs when triatomine bugs, or "kissing" bugs, bite or defecate on humans, unleashing (T. cruzi) parasites into their host's blood.

As the parasites take hold, they may target the gastrointestinal tract of their human host or even go after their heart. This often leads to a condition called Chagasic cardiomyopathy, which is a fatal condition for one in every six cases within five years of initial infection.

The infection can even be passed from a mother to a baby. Five percent of pregnant mothers with Chagas disease transmit the infection to their newborns. The parasites can also be passed through blood transfusions and organ transplants, which is the more common medical route of transmission in the U.S.

Why you need to know how to use anti-parasitic plant-based medicines

There exist several anti-parasitic, blood cleansing botanicals that would certainly be effective for treating these infections holistically; however, the medical monopoly of drugs in the U.S. keeps these solutions suppressed and made out to be "alternative" treatments.

Oregon grape root, oregano oil, black walnut hull, turmeric root, goldenseal, wormwood and cloves are all strong, anti-parasitic, blood cleansing herbs that help the body destroy infection. These plant-based medicines are great to have in any household, to have on hand to combat the threat of a renegade parasitic or fungal infection migrating from some other country.

It's important to know how to use these plant-based medicines at home, because the U.S. government is hardly doing a thing to stop contagious diseases from coming across the southern border. The sovereignty of the United States is fading, because the U.S. National defense and immigration standards are being incompetently managed (which almost seems to be an intentional failure.) The lines – the borders – are beginning to blur, as the country becomes a free-for-all playground where taxpayers are expected to support everyone who wants to come across and reap the benefits.

Why a country's borders and the principle of property matter in a world of real-life threats

A truly sovereign United States with real borders and a real National defense, would also be the most humanitarian, empathetic and charitable country, because immigrants seeking a life in the U.S. wouldn't be allowed to take advantage of benefits. They could get real opportunities to succeed or fail. They would become U.S. citizens, learn the English language, and contribute to their communities, working, earning and serving others, instead of feeding off those who do.

Real borders and an official immigration system for all who seek freedom in the U.S., would define and distinguish the country as different from the rest of the world. A real border would not isolate, divide, discriminate against or restrict people, as the liberal agenda tries to make immigration policy out to be. A real border would establish a precedent of property for the country, which can then be defended by the country's defense in case evil outside forces threaten the safety of the public. Since blow-back is an increasing and imminent threat to the U.S., it is becoming important to establish the property lines of the country so that the innocent can be best defended. This precedent of property would also allow health care workers to more effectively screen for contagious diseases that might migrate in and threaten American lives.

Peace and love idealists, who fancy the idea of no borders, no imaginary lines, no countries and just one world peace, are also advocating for no laws, no property rights and a more centralized world government where everyone is expected to be the same.

In the real world there will be different ideas, different flags, countries, religions and races, and they can all respect each others boundaries peacefully without having to all become one and the same in the process. But first, a precedent of property must be established.

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