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Color therapy: Balancing your energies through color visualization


(NaturalNews) Its history rooted in ancient Egypt, colortherapy may be used to help balance and restore different aspects of our bodies including the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. Similar to heliotherapy, using color and light can even be beneficial for treating illness by restoring the body's natural patterns. In the book Color Therapy: Healing with Color, author R.B. Amber defines this alternative healing modality, while exploring why modern medicine is continually failing us.

"Colortherapy or Chromotherapy is the science which uses different colors to change or maintain vibrations of the body to that frequency which signifies health, ease, and harmony. These color rays may be visible or invisible to the human eye, and they can be applied to the body either physically, through definite exposure to the light rays themselves, or mentally, through techniques of suggestion, visualization, or meditation.

"Healing by means of color was probably the first type of therapy used by man because it was nature's own method and a natural device for keeping the organism in balance and rhythm. When man first walked the earth, the sun's rays fed him and kept him warm; the color of the flora and fauna accounted for his mood and temperament; the rhythm of the winds and the murmur of the seas rocked him to sleep.

"He may not have had the knowledge and the technical skills of modern man, but neither did he have the psychiatrogenic and iatrogenic diseases induced by the suggestions or the practices of the physician. Why? Because early man had the wisdom to live by nature's laws."

Color is basic to any system of healing, whether or not the physician knows it

"How does color become a vital part of man's health? It may be said, without any disagreement, that mental illness sometimes seems to be due to physical ailments which, in turn, are due to social ills over which the individual has no control. A number of research studies has even suggested that Cancer and Tuberculosis are sociological diseases. Whether or not one wishes to go this far in his agreement, one can safely conclude that some individuals cannot adjust to their environment."

Postulates Basic to Color Healing

1. All objects have characteristic frequencies of vibrations.

2. All organs have characteristic frequencies of vibrations in health.

3. Disease is altered function which is the natural response of the body to strain. Altered function is nothing more than a change in frequency, the stepping-up or the lowering of a vibration caused by a strainer, whether chemical, mechanical, or thermal. Germs are one of many hundreds of strainers. Therefore all diseases have characteristic frequencies of vibration.

4. The application of the right frequency, whether food, drugs etc., will change altered function because the body has a tendency to return to its original pattern if given an opportunity.

5. Cells have selectivity taking the rays and vibrations as well as rejecting the rays/vibrations they do not need. If the cells lack color, which is another name for food, they begin to depolarize and change their frequency and therefore their pattern of growth.

6. The wrong color or the wrong type of food tends to change the frequency of the electro-magnetic field force of the cell, and this force interacts with the larger field force of the organ which, in turn, affects the system which then reacts upon the total field force of the body (typical chain reaction). This change leads to fatigue, and the degree of fatigue is the cause of exhaustion and death.

7. Color, being pure vibration, is the rational type of therapy for health and disease because it is in the right form, in the right place, at the right time.

"Today, Physicians know much about symptomology and disease, but less and less about cure. With all of the techniques available and with the information about bacteria, formidable body of knowledge, more and more people are sick and the hospital is becoming the most popular type of architecture.

"Despite the pontifical air of the doctor, disease is increasing and fewer patients are getting well. The more ornate and technically equipped the hospital being built, the lower its percentage of cures. Could it be that orthodox medicine is so concerned with techniques and procedures for sterilization that its thinking has become sterile?

"Could it be that the philosophic basis of allopathic medicine rests on an inadequate premise wherein the germ theory has led research into a waste land and the people suffer and die needlessly?"





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