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Total media blackout on Muslim religion of San Bernardino shooters... massive cover-up continues

San Bernardino shooters

(NaturalNews) Well, it took awhile, but the Obama Administration has finally been forced to admit what was obvious to tens of millions of Americans just hours after the deadly, ISIS-inspired shootings in San Bernardino: that they were committed by Muslim extremists, yet again, in the name of Islam.

For the first few days following the shooting – and despite emerging evidence that the shooters, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, husband and wife, both of Pakistani descent – were indeed radicalized, the president himself did what he's always done when it comes to discussing Islamic extremism: say everything but those words.

Even as news outlets like Natural News were reporting on the ethnicity and religious affiliation of the shooters, there was Obama, telling the mainstream media that it "still is not clear" who the perpetrators were.

And of course, the compliant Praetorian Guard mainstream media, which has covered for Obama his entire time in office, played along as well, waiting until the very last moment to identify the shooters, identify their religious zealotry, identify their plans and identify the fact that the massacre at a Christmas party in San Bernardino was, indeed, an act of Islamic terrorism.

Obama, however, tried to hide the facts as long as he could, admitting – as of this writing – only that "it's possible" the attack was "terrorist-related," though he, of course, held out that the shootings could be "workplace violence," as he has ridiculously claimed in the past.

'Don't say the obvious or we'll punish you!'

But apparently that sort-of, maybe admission came begrudgingly, because at nearly the same time, there was Attorney General Loretta Lynch, vowing to use the full weight of the Justice Department to to haul any poor citizen into court, shackled in chains if their "we don't want Jihadis here" speech is somehow misconstrued by her PC Police as "violence" against Muslims.

And not to be left out, Democrat presidential contenders Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Hillary Clinton, the former failed Secretary of State, jumped in front of the first TV camera they could find to proclaim, after a massacre in the state where gun laws are among the strictest in the country, that doubling down on prior stupidity – as in, more gun control – would somehow stop dedicated terrorists from killing more American infidels.

"No parent should have to worry about going to a holiday party after work or about sending their kids to school or going to a movie theater or even going to church," Clinton said during a self-promoting campaign stop in New Hampshire. "No one should have that basic sense of safety and security ripped away from them."

Says a woman who has lived most of her adult life under armed guard. Hypocrite.

Added Sanders, "We need to significantly expand and improve background checks" – apparently not aware that the shooters had no criminal records, were in the country legally, bought their weapons legally – oh, and who had already garnered the attention of the FBI. So what does "significantly expand and improve" look like, Bernie? A background check that says, We really, really, really mean it this time! Idiot.

Garbage political ideology killed again

What really killed our citizens in San Bernardino was the inability and outright refusal of liberal-Marxist politicians to admit the obvious: that militant, radical Islam is at war with Western civilization, whether we want to say it out loud or not. And the problem with not saying it out loud is that liberal government policies won't reflect this reality.

As noted by Freedom.news a day after the San Bernardino attacks, it's this garbage political ideology that is getting people all over the Western world killed:

In a little-noticed report by the local CBS News affiliate, a man who lived near where the two dead suspects – who were of Middle Eastern descent – lived said he had seen as many as a half-dozen young men with what he believed were Middle Eastern physical characteristics filtering in and out of the suspects' home for several days prior to the shootings, activity that he intimated was out of the ordinary.

But he didn't report it to authorities because, according to the CBS affiliate, "he did not wish to racially profile those people."

So this man essentially ignored the reality that he was witnessing because he was more afraid of being called a racist bigot than speaking up to possibly save lives. And now, 14 people are dead and scores more have had their lives changed forever – all because a small minority of Left-wing extremists have effectively shamed a nation of 300 million into silence.

Meanwhile, the media and administration silence is deafening.








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