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FrankenFish tomatoes on your FrankenFish sandwich, anyone?

GMO salmon

(NaturalNews) What do you get when you splice the genes of an eel into the genes of a salmon to make it twice as big, and then eat it? Who knows, right? And what do you get when you put the genes of a flounder into the seeds of the tomato plant so the tomato will survive colder temperatures, such as during frosts? What's the technical effect? Do you want to be the experimental guinea pig? When you manipulate DNA and insert growth hormones into the foods to be eaten, you're playing with fire, and the body will react by attacking itself or becoming a factory of experimental growth – and not the kind that turns you into an NBA player who can dunk on everybody.

Evil, psychopathic scientists are working hard in laboratories in America to help the "Big Food" industry profit, no matter the consequences. Fast food is a major outlet for cancer-causing, mutated and processed GMO synthetic foodstuffs, including genetically modified produce, lettuce sprayed with Roundup weed killer – and soon – experimental, mutated fish. Do you think children consuming artificial growth hormones are healthy children? Do you think that the genes from fish in certain consumed tomatoes will make humans able to withstand colder temperatures too? And does this in turn mean that you will NOT be able to withstand normal ... say ... 90-degree-heat in the summer? Will you eat those GM tomatoes and then die of a heatstroke as a result? Will you consume the new GM salmon next year and grow twice as large as you are right now? Maybe just your brain will swell, or your liver, or your glands – we'll find out next year, won't we?

May 2000: Monsanto gets caught adding fish gene to tomatoes

The most evil corporation on earth is working hard to make people sick while making food less natural and calling it all "Science!" Inside humongous indoor water tanks, scientists are breeding double-sized salmon and feeding them hormones. Across America corn and soy is growing that is contaminated with the same ingredients of Agent Orange, the TOXIC defoliant used to burn the jungle brush in Vietnam, to burn up their food too, and give them cancer. That's a fact. Less than 15 years ago, Monsanto was caught splicing a fish gene into tomatoes to increase the fruit's frost-tolerance. Consumers protested. Wait, you didn't hear. I see. You're hearing now. You've been warned. Of course, Monsanto denied it, as they also deny that the daily consumption of toxic pesticides causes cancer. As they also deny that processed oils cause cancer. As they also deny the Seralini experiments that prove GM foods like corn and soy cause liver failure and horrific cancer tumors in lab animals.

DNA Plant Technology of Oakland, California, was the company that put the fish gene in a tomato. They say the experiment was "halted" before anything was brought to market, but why would they do that, after they spent all that time and money to get to that point? When has a US corporation or company ever stopped producing anything just because of some public uproar? Never. Plus, Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama deregulated the food industry, so there are no checks and balances left.

Freaky double-sized FrankenFish could decimate natural salmon population within a few years

The FDA just betrayed the US consumer again. It only took 20 years, but the world's first GM animal, bred in a laboratory by AquAdvantage and AquaBounty Technologies, just got lobbied into place and may be the most serious threat to aquatic ecosystems ever known. The newly approved "FrankenFish" is most likely prone to disease, as will be the humans who consume it. Thanks to the CORRUPT FDA, it WILL NOT be labeled GMO. There will be no telling the difference at the store or the butcher shop. Meanwhile, human health itself will be getting butchered. Carnivores and pescatarians around the world will be in the dark. Will all the squid, shrimp and plankton disappear, as the salmon monster-fishes consume more than normal, increasing exponentially as the FrankenFish multiply uncontrollably and kill off the natural salmon? Once they're released into the great blue, there's no controlling anything.

AquAdvantage claims the FrankenSalmon are sterile. Yeah, right. Maybe it's time you make that move to vegetarian or vegan. Good luck.

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