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What the cancer industry is missing: boosting a patient's own healing abilities

Cancer causes

(NaturalNews) It's predicted that 38 percent of women and 43 percent of men will develop some type of cancer over their lifetime; however, internationally recognized nutrition and cancer expert Dr. Patrick Quillin says practicing optimal nutrition can reduce the risk of developing cancer by up to 90 percent.

His book, entitled Beating Cancer with Nutrition, provides readers with an aggressive approach to beating and preventing cancer, including reducing your sugar intake, stimulating your immune system and avoiding malnutrition. The following is an excerpt from his book:

"Cancer mimics the chemistry of a fetus, and hence becomes invisible to the human immune system. Cancer also mutates by changing its DNA composition almost weekly, which is a major reason why many cancers develop a drug resistance that often limits the value of chemotherapy. Cancer also weakens its host by installing its own abnormal biochemistry, including:

• changes in the pH, or acid base balance, making the environment more favorable for cancer growth and less favorable for host recovery

• creation of anaerobic (oxygen deprived) pockets of tissue which resist radiation therapy like someone hunkered into a bomb shelter

• blunting the immune system, which is the primary means of fighting cancer

• elevating metabolism and calorie needs while simultaneously lowering appetite and food intake to slowly starve the host

• ejecting by-products that create weakness, apathy, pain and depression in the host

• siphoning nutrients out of the bloodstream like a parasite."

Dealing with a disease's underlying cause, and not just its symptoms

"With its invisible, predatory and ever-changing nature, cancer is truly a tough condition to treat. Cancer is essentially an abnormal cell growth. It is a piece of the cancer patient that was once normal, but somehow developed altered DNA blueprints and began growing wildly. Its unchecked growth tends to overwhelm other functions in the body until death comes from:

1) organ failure, i.e., the kidneys shut down

2) infection, i.e., pneumonia because the immune system has been blunted

3) malnutrition, because the parasitic cancer shifts the host's metabolism into high gear through inefficient use of fuel while also inducing a loss of appetite.

"When you deal with the underlying causes of a degenerative disease, you are more likely to get long term favorable benefits. When you allow the fundamental causes to continue and merely treat the symptoms that surface, then the outlook for the patient is dismal. In dozens of diseases and millions of patients, this obvious law holds true.

"The crucial missing link in most cancer therapy is stimulating the patient's own healing abilities. Because the best medical equipment cannot detect one billion cancer cells. Imagine leaving behind only one billion dandelion seeds on your lawn after you thought you got them all.

"The 'war on cancer' is an internal microscopic war that can only be won by working within the laws of nature: stimulating the patient's own abilities to fight cancer while changing the abnormal conditions that allow cancer to grow. All other therapies are doomed to disappointing results.

"Combined together, these treatments of external medicine coupled with stimulating the cancer patient's internal healing abilities hold great promise for dramatically improving your chances of success against cancer."

What causes cancer?

"Most degenerative diseases, including cancer, do not have a readily identifiable enemy. In a bacterial infection, you can attack the 'cause' of the disease with an antibiotic. Cancer seems to be caused by a collection of lifestyle and environmental factors that accumulate over the years. Since success against any degenerative disease requires getting to the root of the problem, let's examine the accepted causes of cancer.

"-Toxic overload. Of the 5 million registered chemicals in the world, mankind comes in contact with 70,000, of which at least 20,000 are known carcinogens, or cancer-causing agents. Each year, America alone sprays 1.2 billion pounds of pesticides on our food crops, dumps 90 billion pounds of toxic waste in our 55,000 toxic waste sites, feeds 9 million pounds of antibiotics to our farm animals to help them gain weight faster and generally bombards the landscape with questionable amounts of electromagnetic radiation.

"Bruce Ames, PhD of the University of California at Berkeley has estimated that each of the 60 trillion cells in your body undergoes from 1,000 to 10,000 DNA 'hits' or potentially cancer-causing breaks every day. Yet somehow for most of us, our DNA repair mechanisms and immune system surveillance are able to keep this storm of genetic damage under control. Wallowing in our own high tech waste products is a major cause of cancer in modern society, since carcinogens add to the fury of the continuous assault on the DNA.

"Noted authority, Samuel Epstein, MD of the University of Illinois, says that a major thrust of cancer prevention must be detoxifying our earth. Toxins not only cause DNA breakage, which can trigger cancer, but also subdue the immune system, which then allows cancer to become the 'fox in the chicken coop', with no controlling force."

For more on Dr. Quillin's guide to beating cancer, be sure to pick up a copy of his book today.



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