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White House encouraging further terrorist invasion of America with emotionally charged hashtag push: #RefugeesWelcome

Syrian refugee crisis

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(NaturalNews) If the Obama administration is adept at one thing, it's trivializing some of the most complex problems and issues.

The White House has once again turned to social media to push a favored issue, despite the fact that most of the American public and at least half the members of Congress are opposed to it.

Meet the latest Obama Twitter hashtag campaign: #RefugeesWelcome – even though, for many Americans, they're really not welcome. At least certain refugees, from certain parts of the world.

As reported by Breitbart News, the administration recently launched its hashtag campaign to promote welcoming an influx of Syrian refugees – perhaps by as much as 100,000 over the next couple of years – despite the fact that a growing number of U.S. governors want the program halted following the deadly ISIS-backed attacks in Paris recently.

The White House debuted the campaign on its Facebook page: #RefugeesWelcome.

"Even as we intensify our efforts in coordination with our partners to take out ISIL, we cannot turn our backs on those most threatened by the terrorist group," the message said.

A video posted to the page also asserted that U.S. law enforcement officials were thoroughly vetting each one of the refugees before they would be permitted to settle in the U.S. (more on that in a moment).

You can't vet who you don't know

Meanwhile, on the White House website, Deputy Assistant to the President for Homeland Security, Amy Pope, denounced Republicans and other critics of the president's policy – because, you know, a president who calls ISIS the "JV team" and who, the day before Paris, said the organization had been "contained," is obviously a national security and foreign policy expert demigod whose viewpoints and commandments should never be challenged. Ever.

"The Administration rejects the flawed view that we can't ensure our own safety while also welcoming refugees desperately seeking their own safety," she wrote. "The truth is: America can and must do both."

So, about that vetting process. First of all, these ridiculous statements are coming from an administration that refuses to properly monitor our Southwest border. This is the same administration that failed to "properly vet" a lunatic who got onstage with Obama in South Africa and pretended to be using sign language to interpret his speech.

Also, in October no less than FBI Director James Comey told a House panel that no, the U.S. government has no real ability to vet people from Syria – because few Syrians, if any, are currently entered into U.S. intelligence databases (and why would they be – they're Syrians?).

"We can only query against that which we have collected. And so if someone has never made a ripple in the pond in Syria in a way that would get their identity or their interest reflected in our database, we can query our database until the cows come home, but there will be nothing show up because we have no record of them," Comey explained.

ISIS already planning

That was essentially the same answer the former chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., gave CNN recently, according to The Hill.

"I'm not sure why this shocked everybody," Rogers said of the Paris attacks. "There is not a vetting process ... that can vet every single individual refugee coming in on the refugee program."

And even then, if terrorists are identified, what is done about it? As reported by Collapse.news, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security actually had intelligence on half of the Paris attackers, and yet ... well, we know what happened.

"The administration has a calming public storyline that we have this all under control and life can go on as normal. But we're one crack in the sidewalk away from a tragedy, and that crack could be an encrypted message we can't follow, a lead we couldn't resource or a refugee who slips in like we saw in Paris," one anonymous FBI official told Breitbart News.

So what sense does it make to allow even the potential for ISIS-affiliated terrorists into the country, especially when intelligence officials know that ISIS plans to use the refugee "crisis" to infiltrate Western countries?









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