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Author says everyone has an inner psychic ability

Psychic ability

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(NaturalNews) Regardless of whether or not you believe in psychic abilities, we all have them, says Pete Sanders, author of You are Psychic! Though few people realize it, Sanders insists everyone has the ability to tap into their inner ESP; it's only a matter of learning exactly how to harness your powers.

Using his advanced education in biomedical chemistry and brain science, Sanders teaches readers how to explore their four Psychic Reception Areas. The following is an excerpt from his book:

"Like many others at the time, I was experimenting with biofeedback, the then-new method of affecting such automatic body functions as blood pressure and pulse rate with the conscious mind. We in the West were just learning what yogis in India had known for centuries: that the mind could control the autonomic nervous system, which regulates those functions.

"To pinpoint the location of greatest psychic sensitivity I practiced focusing on more and more precise areas of my body, and matched them to any increase or decrease in my psychic sensitivity. It was like playing a psychic game of 'hot and cold.' Each day I worked on a different psychic sense, learning to trigger that particular extrasensory channel in my dealings with people, and in the daily decisions I had to make."

Physic Reception Areas

"The breakthrough was revolutionary, but basically simple. It involved two facets: (1) finding the precise focal points where extrasensory vibrations are received; and (2) realizing that we have four psychic senses rather than, as was commonly believed at the time, only one 'sixth sense.'

"For each of the four psychic senses there is a specific location on (or around) the body that serves as a natural antenna to pick up and amplify the psychic signals. I named these special places the 'Psychic Reception Areas.'

"Psychic Feeling is most closely intertwined with our physical being. Its Psychic Reception Area is at the front of the body, extending from the top of the diaphragm to just below the navel. This area, often called the solar plexus, is the site of many nerve junctions. The extrasensory impressions received here are, quite literally, 'gut' feelings. They are often accompanied by uneasy physical sensations ranging from vague discomfort to actual nausea or even abdominal pain."

The beauty of intuition

"Psychic Intuition, or 'knowing,' is the most fleeting and evanescent of the four psychic senses. It is an inner awareness, unsupported by any particular internal sensation or external stimulus. You just know!

"The Psychic Reception Area for intuition is the crown and top of the head. Picture an open funnel extending upward from the center of the brain, widening as it emerges from the top of the head. That funnel is, in effect, a direct conducting pathway to the corpus callosum, the nerve bundle that links the two hemispheres of the brain. To tap Psychic Intuition you simply think upward and note your impression or intuitive knowing.

"The reception areas for Psychic Hearing (sometimes called clairaudience) are on each side of the head, just above the ears. This is the area of the brain's temporal lobes, that section of the central nervous system closely associated with auditory processing. Psychic Hearing manifests itself as inner sound: Words, phrases, even paragraphs of inner dialogue may impress themselves on you as if through psychic stereo headphones."

The third eye

"To find the Psychic Reception Area for Psychic Vision, simply close your eyes. You will notice that with your eyes shut your visual awareness automatically shifts upward as it moves from eye level to the level of your forehead. This is the location the ancient philosophers used to call the 'third eye.' Open and close your eyes several times until you can be sure you sense that shift of attention.

"There are two types of Psychic Vision. One is Aura Vision, which enables you to see the psychic energy field that surrounds each of us. When you observe and interpret another person's aura you are, in effect, taking a psychic X-ray of his or her personality, motives, and intentions. The second type I call Clairvoyant Image Reception, which registers visual psychic impressions directly on the mind's eye through pictures, images, or symbols. It is almost like watching an internal television screen.

"Psychic Vision happens to be my greatest psychic strength (although everyone has all four psychic senses, each of us is stronger in one or two of them)."

Know Your Psychic Strengths

"Everyone can learn to focus on the Psychic Reception Areas in order to enhance all of his or her psychic abilities. But as you become more adept at the process you will find that one or two of your four psychic senses are dominant, easier and more reliable for you to use."



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