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Many women (and their doctors) are missing signs of chronic iron deficiency

Iron deficiency

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(NaturalNews) Always looking to diagnose something with new terminology, medical doctors often ignore the underlying nutrient deficiencies that restrict the body from healing itself. Many medical diagnoses, conclusions and interventions blame the body and its natural functions, a mischaracterization of the underlying factors that impact our health. The signs that the body gives and the language it speaks is often drowned out by synthetic drugs, a patchwork process.

In today's interventionist, pharmaceutical-dominated medical culture, you've got to take charge of your own body. You've got to listen, study and be your own doctor, because medical doctors spend very little time in medical school (if any) learning about nutrition, the boundless field of plant-based medicine, or how emotions affect bodily processes. The current medical norms do not investigate oxygenation of cells, the pH factor of the gut, the utilization of ATP energy or how the foods we eat create the environment for fungus and cancer to take over.

Current medical dogma does not look at the environmental factors and how they influence genes. It doesn't investigate how antibiotics and glyphosate wreak havoc on the good bacteria in the gut, making nutrient assimilation weak.

Doctors routinely miss signs of chronic nutrient deficiencies because they are either:
A) Uneducated about the proper role of nutrition and how to maximize absorption of nutrients
B) Ignorant of the body's innate healing abilities, viewing the body as the problem, not the solution
C) Looking in all the wrong places for the problem, leading to misdiagnoses
D) In the business of over-complicating the situation with tests and drugs
E) Focused on interventions that are covered by health insurance plans

Let's look at a common mistake that many doctors make that misleads women for years on end.

The underlying problem:

Women either aren't getting enough iron in their diet or they are unable to utilize iron because of antibiotics, herbicides or other toxic factors that destroy their body's natural ability to assimilate vitamins in the gut.

The misdiagnosis:

Women are told that they have anemia due to their periods. In this misdiagnosis, general practitioners are viewing the women's natural menstruation process as faulty and in need of intervention. Doctors often mislead women, telling them that their problem is due to "heavy periods." The doctors may intervene by inserting a contraceptive device in the woman's womb which begins a steady dose of hormones to block the natural menstruation process.

The truth:

Women's periods are governed by a balance of natural hormones regulated by the glands in her body. By artificially blocking hormone production with a contraceptive device, women's bodies are trained not to regulate their own hormones. Their bodies may be forced to fight harder to adapt to the changes to achieve balance as the contraceptive device synthetically intervenes. In any case, the device does not deal with the underlying problem: iron deficiency.

For 30 years, starting at age 13, patient Sue Mark was told that her periods were the source of her anemia. She was prescribed a contraceptive device called a Mirena coil that was inserted in her womb to stop her periods.

"No one tried to get to the bottom of it - it was just thought I was female, having periods and anaemia is what happens," said Sue in a Daily Mail article. When she started experiencing bloating and heart palpitation in her 40s, she started to question her condition. Eventually, she found out that her villi in her small intestine were damaged from glyphosate-contaminated wheat, not allowing her body to absorb key nutrients like iron.

The natural solution:

Her story represents many people's health woes: Their guts are being destroyed by toxins in the food supply, preventing their ability to utilize key nutrients. The nutrient deficiencies cause problems, but medical intervention drowns out those problems instead of dealing with
the root causes in the gut.

The natural solution is to assist the women's natural ability to regulate their own hormones by increasing the ability to absorb key nutrients like iron. Plant materials such as red raspberry leaf can provide women with a natural source of iron, strengthening the uterus and the ovary's natural ability to regulate the body's hormones and menstrual cycle. Other iron-rich plant medicines include lentils, pumpkin seeds, squash, swiss chard, dark chocolate and cashews.

Drowning out and blocking women's menstruation cycles with contraceptives does not deal with the cause of the problem. Educating women about iron-rich foods puts them in charge of their own health, allowing them to increase energy levels and achieve a natural, pain-free menstruation cycle.

Iron is needed to make red blood cells. Without iron and without red blood cells, oxygen cannot be carried to the tissues and the organs. People who are unable to utilize iron are tired more often, may lose their breath, can become dizzy and weak at the knees, and even have heart palpitations.

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