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BREAKING: Deadly attack by suspected Islamist terrorists kills 100+ in Paris, as unarmed citizens are held hostage

Paris France

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(NaturalNews) Paris was rocked on Friday with explosions, shootings and hostage taking, in what appears to be the deadliest coordinated terrorist attacks to ever strike France, far exceeding the massacre at the headquarters of the Paris-based Charlie Hebdo magazine last year.

In the view of Mike Adams of Natural News, "This is what happens when you open the borders to an endless flow of terrorists while disarming your citizens."

There were multiple explosions at a sports stadium, where a soccer match
between France and Germany was in progress. There was also a shooting
at a concert hall, where the popular American rock band Eagles of Death
Metal was playing. Reports indicate that as many as 100 hostages had
been taken there.

Eyewitnesses report the hostage-takers being armed with shotguns and AK-47s. As Adams notes, that wouldn't happen in Texas, where the hostages are likely to be armed.

The number killed varies depending on the source. CCN reported 100+ dead, the BBC reported "dozens," while the UK's Telegraph suggest "scores."

Listen to more of what Mike Adams has to say about this latest terrorist attack in the video below:

Open borders and an unarmed populace make terrorist attacks like this possible, but what motivates the terrorists in the first place? There are numerous plausible reasons.

With more than 5 million Muslims, France has Western Europe's largest Muslim community. There are long-held resentments among older French Muslims regarding France's brutal rule of Algeria for over 100 years.

France is also a high-profile member of the U.S.-led coalition that has carried out air strikes in Syria and Iraq.

Paris-based journalist Diana Johnstone summarized the background of the Charlie Hebdo attack, the motives behind which are likely shared with this latest attack:

"One of the Kouachi brothers, who shot up Charlie Hebdo, and Amedy Coulibaly, who shot up a Kosher grocery store, gave telephone interviews to BFMTV just hours before being killed by police raids. Kouachi stressed that he was motivated by United States aggression in the Middle East. His conversion to Jihad began watching the U.S. destruction of Iraq and photos of Iraqis being tortured by Americans in Abu Ghraib.

"The Kouachi brothers claimed to be acting on behalf of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Coulibaly said he was following orders from al Qaeda in Yemen – site of multiple U.S. drone raids that have killed countless innocent bystanders."

Imperialist foreign policies combined with lax immigration policies and gun prohibition among law-abiding citizens is a catastrophic recipe for disaster, as this latest terrorist assault vividly demonstrates.






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