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Syngenta parades fake children in desperate emotional appeal to force GMOs on the world


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(NaturalNews) Agrochemical giant Syngenta is in the business of controlling agriculture year after year, promising high yields through the practice of monoculture. This method ravages the minerals in the soil, depleting crops of full-spectrum nutrition levels. Growing the same crops year after year rigorously may produce higher yields, but the crops inevitably possess lower yields of necessary nutrients needed for crop health and human health. Important nutrients like selenium and chromium are now found at just a fraction of what they used to measure in soil decades ago.

The industry tries to replenish the soil with fertilizers, but these only use the basic plant nutrients needed make the crops grow: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Thus, the soil is increasingly being drained of essential micronutrients like zinc and beneficial bacteria colonies that strengthen plant and human immunity to disease.

On top of that, many of the agrochemicals used to keep pests off the crops are also destroying bacteria ecosystems, depleting the soil further and destroying the health benefits of food. Disease and cancer run rampant in humans today because of the hasty agriculture system that depletes soil quality.

So when a company like Syngenta modifies a country's rice crop, gains commercial rights over the new seed and tries to sell it back to the country that is nutritionally starving, there is definitely some funny business going on.

That's what's been going on in recent years with GMO Golden Rice. Syngenta scientists modified the genetic sequence of the rice seed so that it will produce more vitamin A for children starving in third-world countries. GMO Golden Rice has met resistance mainly because it has had multiple research and development problems that have failed to show it actual being able to reduce vitamin A deficiency in malnourished people. It hasn't even been proven safe in animal studies.

Now, Syngenta is using the pleas of fake children in a desperate emotional appeal to garner support for worldwide acceptance of GMO Golden Rice. Instead of helping countries diversify their agriculture with natural vitamin A-rich foods like sweet potato, spinach, kale and carrot, Syngenta would rather guilt the world into pushing their highly profitable genetically modified rice onto third-world countries. It's a desperate bid to control entire countries and profit off them.

GMO promoter Owen Paterson (who is also UK environment secretary) tweeted a picture of himself next to a poem. The poem is written in the first person and is about a child going blind from vitamin A deficiency because of opposition to Golden Rice.

The rest of Paterson's tweet reads, "Congratulations to @SyngentaCropsUK scientists who are developing new technologies to feed the world."

GMO promoters cover up the problems with their industry and try to appear as the savior of the people. In the same way, pharmaceutical companies peddle the same false narrative through the mainstream media, claiming that children are dying because they aren't getting all their shots. Vaccine promoters cover up the stories of vaccine-damaged children and instead try to appear as if they are saving children around the world.

No one is buying these guilt trip publicity stunts

Publicity stunts that use fake children as a guilt trip just show how low GMO pushers and vaccine zealots will go to push their agenda on the world.

The world is suffering from malnutrition like never before, and corporations like Syngenta are not even mentioning the importance of diversifying the fields with vitamin A-rich foods and amending the soil with important micronutrients like selenium, chromium and zinc, to name a few. If we cleaned up agriculture in the first place, then food would naturally provide immunity to disease (in both plants and humans). Big Biotech's idea is to force-feed GMO Golden Rice on the world and deprive countries of their sovereignty and access to a diverse selection of seeds and a full spectrum of soil minerals. This plays well for Big Pharma, who can now prey on the nutrition-deprived population to sell vaccines.

The mainstream media is ripe with propaganda showing how a lack of vaccines kills children. It appears that Big Pharma and Big Biotech aren't much different at all, using the same page from the same play book, parading fake children to guilt people into accepting their business model and treacherous products.

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