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Treating Infections Without Pharmaceutical Antibiotics Indegogo Campaign Launched


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(NaturalNews) Indegogo Campaign Launched To Teach "How To Treat Infections Without Antibiotics"

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 27, 2015 – With the world facing a health crisis as antibiotics become less and less effective, a group is launching a Indegogo campaign to create a video to teach people how to treat infected burns, wounds, and bites with natural herbal remedies.

"Pharmaceutical antibiotics are very much like the modern invention of fast food – they are quick, dangerous, and have a host of unintended consequences", said Marjory Wildcraft, founder the [Grow] Network, a global network of people who grow their own food and medicine. "Fortunately, just like the slow food movement, there are natural, holistic, and healthy ways to treat and heal the human body. These methods have been used effectively since ancient times,"

"We are doing this Indegogo campaign to create a video to teach how to treat major infections using only herbs and natural remedies. Anyone who watches and studies this video we create will be empowered and knowledgeable to do these treatments themselves," Wildcraft said.

"We are only asking for help for $15,000 to create the video called 'Treating Infections Without Antibiotics'. This is not the full amount we need, but it is enough that the [Grow] Network will be able cover the remaining costs."

Doug Simons is a Master Herbalist who, for decades, has been successfully treating infected burns, wounds, sprains, and lacerations with herbal techniques. "Herbal medicine is our human birthright. These techniques are effective; they have been used and handed down through the generations because they work," Simons said

"In this video I will show you how to treat infected burns, wounds, snake bites, spider bites, and staph infections," Simons continued.

To see a video of a burn that one of Simon's students successfully treated, click here www.indiegogo.com - /

"It is very clear to us now that pharmaceutical antibiotics just aren't the way for humanity to go and we are lucky we have these time honored methods that are still very effective. These herbal techniques work in harmony with the body, not against it," Simons said.

The information in the video the [Grow] Network is proposing may come just in time. "Thankfully there are a few people left who know how to use these herbal medicinal techniques, because we are coming close to the point where your only other option may be death," Wildcraft said.

Media Reports on Antibiotics

The over use of antibiotics or the questionable use of antibiotics has been reported numerous times in the media. Here are a few examples:

Devastating effects of antibiotic overuse strike Europe as 'superbugs' develop resistance to last-line antibiotics

CNN Health Article "World Heath Organization Antibiotic Resistance Now A Reality"

CDC (2013) "Untreatable: Report by CDC details today's drug-resistant health threats"

PBS (Dec. 2014) "New Report Details the Economic Costs of Superbug Threat"

NPR Interview: Antibiotics Can't Keep Up With 'Nightmare' Superbugs

Indegogo Awards

People who contribute to the campaign will receive various gifts depending on the size of their donations, which range from $5 to $5,000. The gifts include early access to the video, discounted pricing, and being listed as a Legacy Supporter in the video credits. To see the complete list, go to www.indiegogo.com - /

The [Grow] Network

The [Grow] Network is the online home of a global network of people who produce their own food and medicine. "Home grown food on every table" is the solution.

In the [Grow] Network Lab, the coolest backyard researchers on Earth are discovering new paths for sustainable living. And the [Grow] Network blog strives to be the most useful site on the web for producing, preparing, and preserving your own food and medicine.

We value freedom, usefulness, sustainability, simplicity, soil, sunlight, and water.

We are open to all religions, diets, and political parties. We grow food for many reasons including health, spirituality, preparedness, and for no reason whatsoever. http://GrowYourOwnGroceries.org

About the author:
Marjory Wildcraft has been called the ?Martha Stewart of Self-Reliance?. She is dedicated to having homegrown food on every table. Marjory is the author several books and is best known for her video set ?Grow Your Own Groceries? which has over 250,000 copies being used world-wide by homesteaders, permaculturists, survivalists, missionary groups and universities because it so quickly teaches people how to become food self-reliant. You can reach Marjory at www.GrowYourOwnGroceries.com.

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