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GMO pushers now want to abort human babies to harvest organs for mad science transplants


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(NaturalNews) The Island of Dr. Moreau, a fictional sci-fi medical horror movie from 1996, has become reality in the United States where the organs of aborted babies is becoming a commodity, and one without morals, enticing a black market for abortions and abortion clinics to collaborate with an insidious industry that plans to put a patent on human beings, including patents on certain DNA patterns. It's insidious Frankenscience based on pure profit motives and it's happening right here, right now.

Here's what the mad scientists will be doing: According to a Biotech website called the Genetic Literacy Project that promotes GMOs, doctors and scientists remove organs from aborted babies, transplant them into a cow, pig, baboon or even a rat, and let them grow. Then, later, they will be transplanted back into a human. Work has already begun using kidneys. Hearts are next, and this Frankenscience is called "xenotransplantation." The saddest part is that about 20 people in America die each day because they're not high enough up on the organ transplant list to get what they need, like a kidney or a heart. Would they accept some DNA from a rat? How much? Could the rat's vital functions become that human's vital functions? Is the person destined to be a dumpster diver with a long pointy tail? Could it all be some sick science that makes a lot of money while simply creating misery? These "saved" rat-people could become cannibals, if you think about it.

Of course, the Pro-Life world abhors even the thought of it all. It's not such a huge surprise though, seeing as how America gives cancer victims chemotherapy, which in itself causes new cancer. It's not such a huge surprise if you know that surgeons in America unnecessarily remove organs all the time, like gall bladders, one kidney, tonsils, appendixes, spleens and anything else you might not "have to have" to survive. It's not a huge surprise that America would allow the sick care industry to harvest aborted babies' organs, not caring if it influences women to kill their own child in the process.

After all, America is the "home" of toxic corporate baby formulas that contain heavy metal toxins, aspartame, synthetic DHA and other nightmares. Plus we give babies dozens of vaccines that contain mercury (dangerous neurotoxin), formaldehyde (used to embalm dead people) and aluminum (which causes Alzheimer's). So what should we care about this, right? It's just more legalized slow murder with a big purse reward for Big Pharma.

Plus, the abortion industry doesn't care about babies that are conceived but haven't been delivered. They see them as objects, not something living inside the mother's womb. There aren't any ethics on their side of this fence. It's almost the same as if they started paying people $10,000 to commit suicide, except in this case the living baby has no choice in the matter. The mother (and possibly the father) make the choice to kill a human for profit, and Big Pharma would like nothing more than everyone agreeing with them that it's a "good thing" to abort a baby. In fact, that's all part of the eugenics and genocidal plan of Bill Gates and the globalists. Of course, they'll target the low-income bracket of the USA first and foremost.

We've moved beyond science fiction here, into horror as reality. The trade-off is to kill an unborn baby to POSSIBLY save someone else, who could still die or suffer horribly unpredictable complications. Oh, but the CEO of Ganogen, the Frankenscience company running this scandal, has a long-term goal of ending "the human donor shortage." Maybe he means ending the shortage of people who are willing to kill their unborn child and "discard" some "pieces" that get infected, warped or deformed while "growing" inside of rats and pigs.

These same wild-eyed science fanatics are pushing GMOs

The grave robbers and life robbers of America have a huge price to pay for their deceit, wrongdoings and greed. These are the same companies and corporations that push GMOs, genetically MUTATED food that's wrought with pesticides, including insecticide, herbicide and the DNA of insects or bacteria, onto Americans without food labels to warn anyone. It's absolutely immoral, irresponsible, unsustainable and without question can never be good for the evolution of mankind. Moral of the story? Don't support anything immoral; no matter what the trade-off, something's bound to go horribly wrong. It always does.

The Island of Dr. Moreau trailer: YouTube.com.

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