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FREE Sustainability and Self-Reliance Summit kicks off Nov. 1: Feat. Mike Adams, Marjory Wildcraft, Steven Druker and more than 40 other experts!

Self-Reliance Summit

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(NaturalNews) What does it take for you to attain the most sustainable level of self-reliance possible? Natural News Editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and more than 40 other experts are about to fill in all those details for you, via an online summit launching Nov. 1 and lasting through Nov. 12.

"Human civilization is heading for a sustainability collapse at many levels," Adams says in video to preview the event.

"The way we have pursued life in the Western world, it's not a sustainable model," adds Rolf Winters of the film Down to Earth, one of the many experts joining Adams for the summit.

Here are what some of the other experts are saying about sustainability:

-- Anton Edwards of the International Preparedness Network, says once the existing water on Earth is gone, it will take "several hundred years" to replenish. "And it's not going to be the same kind of water because we've so contaminated the soil," he added.

-- Paul Wheaton of Permies.com asks, "How fragile are our current food systems? Are they sustainable?"

-- "Being able to provide for your own basic nourishment essentially disappeared from our collective in two generations," says Marjory Wildcraft of The Grow Network.

-- "Like, literally the land is everything," says Alkemia Earth of Eco HipHop/Culinary Concerts. "Not only does it grow your food but, this is, like, we live on the land. You know what I mean? And the same goes for the water, so, it's just common sense" to push for sustainability.

-- Jill Winger of The Prairie Homestead notes, "I think everyone should have some part of the world where their food comes from."

-- "We have food that never mind being raised with chemicals and things like that" says Jacqueline Freeman of Family Haven Farm/Spirit Bee. "We have food that people never touch. You can plant, raise and harvest whole fields of grains and corns and stuff with tractors that are run by GPS. I mean, no human is even involved in that."

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-- Says Steven Druker, author of the book Altered Genes, Twisted Truth, "Given what we know from biology and from information science...if we take the best knowledge from both fields, what we have in the case of genetic engineering is not just a yellow light, but a flashing red light."

-- "We have somehow devolved," said author Steve Coffman of The Human Path website. "As we have evolved technologically we have devolved and become separated from who we really are as a species, both in terms of our planet and our connection there as well as with each other."

-- Adds Charles Chen of Charles Chen TV, "Everyday we're bombarded with millions of advertising. You don't realized that, from the time you wake up, your cell phone, Instagram, social media...all these things. Newspaper, billboards, we're bombarded with media every single day, and it's always telling us to buy, buy, buy, and it's also using the fear tactic, like, 'you're not good enough, you're not good enough, so you need to buy this to feel better.'"

-- Alisa Gravitz of Green America: "Business is a huge engine... it's like fire. Fire is great when it's cooking your food and terrible when it's bringing down your town, so we wanted to see if we could harness that engine of business for sustainability."

-- "It's interesting how people talk about sustainability," says Kate Sorenson of STAR School, "as if there's an alternative, as if there's another good alternative. They even call it 'alternative energy,' right? Alternative to... unsustainable?"

-- "Living sustainably is our obligation because the earth that we're living on, it isn't ours, it isn't disposable, it isn't a one-time-use type of thing," said David Sandoval of The Green Foods Bible. "We have to leave the earth better for the people who come after us than how we found it."

There are many more experts, of course, but to hear them all, register right now for the FREE 12-Episode Search for Sustainability series!




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