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True face of abortion: Wendy Davis supporter arrested after throwing bomb at pro-life activists; abortion advocates recorded praising Satan

Abortion advocates

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(NaturalNews) Just because people hold varying viewpoints is not a reason to slam their opinions, shun their rights and -- most importantly -- engage in acts of violence towards them. This, we were taught by the time we entered the second grade. It's a notion that even cartoon-watching youngsters know enough to abide by.

However, when it comes to the topic of abortion, many grown adults are resorting to childish tantrums, often spewing forth nonsense in an attempt to throw a belief under the bus.

Most recently, such behavior was demonstrated when Melanie Toney, a supporter of pro-abortion Texas democrat Wendy Davis, hurled a Molotov cocktail at pro-life advocates in Texas. Toney decided that the best way to make her feelings known was to light a bottle filled with explosive fuel and toss it at pro-lifers who were protesting near a Planned Parenthood clinic.(1)

Bomb-tossing, Satan-chanting behaviors not the answer

Sure, that'll get some attention, Melanie, but was their any reasoning behind it? People are entitled to hold tight to personal beliefs, but to attempt to harm the lives of others by tossing a bomb their way doesn't quite shed a professional, tactful light on your ability to convey your beliefs. It's okay to feel anger, Melanie, but you need not let your moral compass become severely skewed in the process.

Sadly, though, her actions are representative of others who lash out against those who hold different viewpoints and resort to less-than-desirable behaviors. For example, many people may recall the video in which abortion advocates unleashed a "Hail Satan" chant while a young woman publicly detailed her unsettling abortion experience.(2)

While the young lady spoke of her post-abortion life as one filled with regret, suicide attempts, feelings of confusion, depression and substance abuse issues, abortion advocates are heard in the background repeating, "Hail Satan," their unified voices growing louder and louder.(2)

Have people seriously gotten to the point where they feel aligning themselves with all the evils associated with Satan is the ideal way to demonstrate a difference of opinion? Is glorifying evil thoughts and developing an anti-Christian mentality a wise way to sway opinion?

It's perhaps most evident in mainstream media outlets where childish "if you don't side with me, then we can't be friends" attitudes prevail. Think about it.

Mainstream media plays the "Wheel of Intolerance" game daily, against anyone that disagrees with them

Very contradictory, leftist media organizations make it very clear that if one is Christian, a veteran, into home-schooling or has anti-abortion views, then their opinion is not valued. There's a reason the public continues to hear mainly one side of a story day in and day out -- these organizations simply don't tolerate views that aren't theirs and hope that people will eventually take their opinions as truth.

Health Ranger and Natural News editor Mike Adams demonstrates just how prevalent this mind set is in the media in his poignant "Wheel of Intolerance" cartoon. He created it to address the bashing that's commonly takes place on a daily basis among liberal media outlets -- even ones that once embraced tolerance. Go ahead, he urges people, spin the wheel and see what issue leftist media organizations will tackle today.(3)

Will it be those who believe in an unborn child's right to life? Perhaps today's the day small business owners will fall under media attack. Later in the week, -- wheee, spin that wheel -- maybe those seeking to maintain gun ownership rights will get the evil eye via television sets and social media posts.

Where the evil really exists

In the end, it would appear that -- ironically -- those who say they are tolerant individuals are often anything but. Who is truly evil here? Is it the kinds of people who found Dr. Kermit Gosnell guilty of first-degree murder a couple of years ago after killing babies who were born alive? Are those who are pro-life horrible people because of the views they hold?(4)

We know better.

The evil lurks in those who speak out of both sides of their mouths, believing whatever topic of the day mainstream media says they should. These are the twisted people who embrace the evil that rests within them, cheering on Satan while harassing and attacking people simply for expressing a view that is different from theirs.

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