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Medical slavery: 100,000 desperate Americans shell out DOUBLE the US per capita GDP to Big Pharma every year

Health care costs

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(NaturalNews) Many Americans soak up the pharmaceutical advertisements on the television and magazines and refuse to question where their health really begins. The cuffs of the medical system dig deep into the wrists of so many Americans, who are chained down by a philosophy of disease management and bankrupting, unthinkable drug costs.

New data revealed by Express Scripts finds that over a half million Americans pay at least $50,000 for prescription drugs. The 2014 stats also reveal that a staggering 100,000 Americans pay more than $100,000 yearly for prescriptions! These prices have tripled from the previous year. Overall, drug spending increased by 13 percent in 2014 alone. Cancer drugs have become the most enslaving, often costing more than $100,000 a year for patients who have been misled on the causes of cancer. A pill to manage hepatitis C was listed at $1,000 per pill. The study found that a cholesterol-lowering drug cost patients $14,000 a year, and drug for cystic fibrosis boasted a cost exceeding $250,000.

Critics of drug prices think that more government intervention is needed

Presidential hopeful Hillary R. Clinton thinks the rising price of prescription drugs is motivated by profit. Her anti-capitalist views on the medical system and her belief that government should price control the drugs would only perpetuate the dominance of an already controlling, restrictive medical environment that favors pharmaceuticals. Clinton wants to set a $250 monthly cap for those who rely on pharmaceuticals. This extension of the Affordable Care Act sounds compassionate, but the bloated costs are only passed on to to everyone who pays federal income tax. In essence, the shortcomings of this drug-driven system are forced onto everyone as a whole, perpetuating the problems with the medical system.

True modalities of healing -- nutritional therapies; holistic lifestyles; energy work; herbal formulas; organic, plant-based diets; and integrative practices for restoring the mind, body and spirit cannot be sold in a prescription bottle and therefore don't conform to today's interventionist, non-prevention disease management based medical system. The failure of most drugs to heal should not be a reason to blame free market capitalism. The failure of pharmaceuticals should open the doors to a more decentralized network of true healing modalities. For example, hospitals and doctors shouldn't be taking money from drug companies and pushing more pills. They should be coordinating at the local level with people who have firsthand experience in the healing arts. Why doesn't the health care system try to improve itself by following the example of people who have activated their body's innate healing abilities?

Medical slavery is so commonplace because Americans are taught to look for health in intervention instead of listening to their own bodies and understanding the causes of their health imbalances. The more the government gets involved in controlling health care, the more they endorse the pharmaceutical industry and redistribute their prices and failures, leading more Americans into perpetual medical slavery.

For example, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has commanded that people purchase health insurance so everyone can collectively pay for the bloated and enslaving prices of the medical system. The government program tries to ease the cost of health care for all but at the same enslaves all to the mandate while legitimizing the entire system. Health insurance is an elaborate scam because it locks people into taking pharmaceuticals instead of encouraging preventive lifestyle factors such as Vitamin D absorption, juice cleanses, or consumption of clean water that is free from heavy metals and pesticides. Health insurance plans hardly ever cover anything tied directly to health, such as organic diets or medicinal herbs. The ACA simply subsidized the pharmaceutical industry and created a monopoly for people to be trapped in the drug-driven paradigm.

Why aren't these dangerous drug companies just tried, convicted and put to an end?

If the US was truly a Constitutional Republic - as it should be - harmful, deadly pharmaceuticals would be put on trial and the pain these drugs inflict would be put to an end. If this rule of law took precedence, drug makers would be convicted time and time again for causing the deaths of people around the world. If Republic law was real, most pharmaceutical drug companies would be shuttered. Until that happens, medical slavery will persist. It doesn't matter how much the government intervenes to control the greed of the pharmaceutical industry; legislation and executive action will always perpetuate the influence that pharmaceutical companies have on the people.

For example, how is the criminal organization Merck and Co still around today after being responsible for the deaths of people whose lives were devastated by their drug Vioxx? The list of faulty drugs is long yet the companies are still in business. They pay fines as a form of justice, but these fines are tiny morsels compared to money they make hurting people continuously.

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