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SB277 Referendum sabotaged by Big Pharma's criminal mafia tactics

SB 277 referendum

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(NaturalNews) What some are now referring to as "The Great Vaccine Scam" — or the widespread belief that only vaccines can protect a person against infectious disease — appears to be on the verge of total collapse. But those with a dog in the fight aren't about to give up easily, which is why they're now resorting to crony tactics of intimidation and even overt tyranny in an attempt to protect this dying cash cow from going extinct.

The recent passage of Senate Bill 277 in California to eliminate personal and philosophical vaccine exemption rights for children, the mysterious "suicides" and deaths of dozens of anti-vaccine doctors and physicians, other forms of violent opposition to all research and thought that contradict the official status quo narrative that "all vaccines are safe and effective" — these all demonstrate how Big Pharma's mafia arm is willing to do anything to prevent (but really just delay) the total collapse of one of its most prized and profitable eugenics programs.

Many of our readers are already aware of the fact that the official vaccination schedule is built on lies, sham science, and a heavy dose of delusion and propaganda. The only reason vaccines are even a "thing" is because the industry that manufactures them has spent billions of dollars over the years infiltrating academia, government, and science in order to propagate the myth that human immunity is somehow broken and in need of dozens of injections containing aborted human fetal tissue, aluminum, mercury, and a whole lot of chemically-tainted wishful thinking.

The risks of vaccines are well-documented in the scientific literature, and it's a known fact that not a single peer-reviewed study has ever been conducted comparing the health outcomes of vaccinated individuals to unvaccinated individuals — because performing such a study, we're told, would be inhumane. Instead, vaccine research compares the effects of one vaccine to the effects of another similar vaccine (rather than a control of no vaccine), which produces the type of flawed data that allows vaccine companies to declare about their latest "blockbuster" jab that "no adverse events were observed."

Never mind that every single package insert in existence lists things like brain damage, neurotoxicity and even autism as possible side effects — all vaccines are safe and effective, says the establishment, and that's the end of it. Except that the formerly impenetrable veil of secrecy and deception is now in free-fall collapse, and the ruse is finally being exposed. Parents are no longer buying the lie that vaccines are better than natural immunity at preventing disease, and the vaccine hawks don't know what to do to stop this movement of free and independent thought from taking hold throughout society.

So they're apparently resorting to invoking the force of a tyrannous government with evil legislation like SB 277, as well as the threat of violence aimed at doctors who attempt to buck the norm, in order to get the message across that all opposition to vaccines and flawed vaccine science won't be tolerated.

Doctors murdered, vaccines mandated, and GMO labeling thwarted — where does it end?

Good folks like Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, M.D., Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D., and Dr. Mitch Gaynor, M.D., the latest alternative doctor to be "suicided" in his own backyard, all paid the ultimate price for taking a stand for real medicine: they're no longer alive. Each of these practitioners had been helping patients overcome diseases like cancer that the system says are "incurable," and for these acts of goodwill they're now dead. This is what happens when a multi-billion dollar system of drugs, chemicals, and invasive surgery supersedes real healing medicines like herbs, "superfoods," and lifestyle changes as "health care."

Californians are right now learning what happens when Big Pharma seizes the reigns and declares that everyone needs to be vaccinated. Despite gathering more than 360,000 signatures (many more signatures have yet to be counted) for a referendum to overturn SB 277, the State of California decided to prematurely declare it a failure. Referendum leader Tim Donnelly told Natural News that there's currently an investigation to determine whether certain volunteers and/or leaders may have sabotaged the effort.

And then there's corporate fraud, such as in the landmark case against British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). GSK was fined more than $3 billion after it was determined that the drug giant ripped off consumers, lied to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about drug safety and efficacy, hid clinical trial data, and ultimately profited at the expense of public health.

Mandatory labeling of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) is another area where Big Pharma has spread its slimy tentacles. Efforts in California, Oregon, Colorado and Washington to require that GMOs be labeled on foods just like they are in most of the rest of the developed world (where they're not outright banned) have been derailed on every account, with vast amounts of money poured into misinformation campaigns that tricked consumers into thinking that labeling would somehow increase the price of food.

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