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Liberal culture sides with Satan: Govt forces Christians to fund Planned Parenthood organ harvesting; lap-dog media promotes pedophilia, chemical maiming of children


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(NaturalNews) Without a doubt, American culture has marched steadfastly to the political Left since the 1960s, and it seems that following the election of the most liberal president in history, Barack Obama, our cultural trek leftward has only quickened.

Not everyone agrees with this assessment, of course, but there are myriad examples of how today's pop, media and entertainment culture are as liberal now as they have ever been.

Consider the following:

Christianity, which was America's dominant religion for many years, is severely under attack, although "favored" religions such as Islam and figures such as the Devil are perfectly acceptable. Any Christian who believes in traditional, Biblical marriage – that between a man and a woman – is publicly berated, shouted down and shamed by newsrooms, liberal political pundits, and Hollywood in the name of "tolerance." Ironically, it is intolerance for traditional views that animates these left-wing social commentators.

Even the American political system is being corrupted by left-wing thought. Although "marriage" has been defined by states and not the federal government since our nation was founded, the U.S. Supreme Court recently took it upon itself in June to decide the issue on a national level, essentially overturning marriage laws in half of the states and rendering the right to define "marriage" moot in all states. Christians are now being forced to accept a premise of marriage their religion does not recognize, despite their First Amendment religious freedom rights to do so.

In addition, Catholics and others who are not religious but oppose abortion on moral grounds nonetheless are forced to subsidize it with their tax dollars. Left-wing supporters of abortion are quick to point out that federal law prohibits tax dollars from supporting abortion, but the nation's largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, is the recipient of about $100 million a year from taxpayers. This is money that may or may not actually fund abortions but certainly funds other aspects of Planned Parenthood's clinic expenses so they can provide abortion services. Even though most Americans oppose abortion, the Left vehemently defends it and believes everyone should have to foot the bill for it.

You might not have noticed this yet, but the Left's obsession with sexual proclivities is advancing even faster after the Supreme Court's gay marriage decision. In fact, on the day of the ruling, a piece appeared in Politico advocating the legalization of polygamy.

Can or should we expect the calls for loosening additional sex-related activities to increase? We should, because it is already happening. Who else but the far left would advocate for pedophilia (see here, in the insanely leftist Salon, and also here, from the "respected" New York Times). They seek to normalize guys like Jared Fogle, former Subway spokesman and soon-to-be-convicted child pornographer and pedophile.

In addition to funding abortion, Americans of all beliefs are forced to subsidize Big Pharma in a variety of ways. In fact, the U.S. government is the largest single purchaser of health care in the U.S. (via Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration, and the provision of health insurance coverage to some 2 million federal employees and the military, which is why the federal government regulates that industry so much). Included in those health-related purchases are tens of billions a year spent on Big Pharma, which in turn spends a healthy portion of its government-funded windfall on marketing drugs to increase profits, not to improve health. As far as vaccines are concerned, taxpayers who are experiencing fewer choices when it comes to deciding whether or not to vaccinatee their own kids are expected to contribute to a government fund set up specifically to compensate those who are injured by vaccines.

Meanwhile, men like Bruce-turned-Caitlyn Jenner are celebrated as "heroes" by our pop culture, even as true heroes like police officers, firefighters, paramedics, teachers, soldiers and other public servants are ridiculed or reviled. Boys and girls are permitted to "self-identify" and in doing so are able to use facilities such as bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex. Our language continues to be assaulted by self-anointed PC cops who assert the right to decide for all of us when we should be insulted and outraged.

Our culture is suffering from a lack of traditional mores. As the shift leftward continues, expect the lunacy to deepen.

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