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Yes, you can DIE in a McDonald's restaurant and not be noticed for 24 hours


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(NaturalNews) What really drives people to McDonald's? It couldn't be convenience. What's convenient about food that causes lethargy, chronic fatigue and inflammation, leading people straight to the doctor? It couldn't be price value either. An organic apple, banana and a side of carrot sticks are a fifth the price of a McDonald's value meal. So what really drives people to the grease pits of McDonald's? It's not a great place to sit down, interact and enjoy the view. McDonald's are loud, messy, hurried environments that often break out in violence.

In fact, McDonald's is one of those places where you can keel over dead at a table and not be noticed for 24 hours. That's exactly what happened recently in a McDonald's outlet in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, China. Authorities are trying to identify the body of a homeless woman who was reported dead 24 hours after she entered the restaurant.

McDonald's customers and employees didn't notice the cold, lifeless body until the next morning

The woman, who appeared to be in her 50s, was tucked away in the corner of the restaurant, slumped over a table, unmoving and lifeless. According to camera footage, the woman entered the restaurant at 8:39 AM. No one noticed that she was dead until 8:30 AM the next morning. She had spent an entire day at that McDonald's branch — morning, afternoon and night — and nobody knew who she was. She was slumped over the table, unconscious right in plain sight. Hour after hour, McDonald's customers lined up for their slop and sat down to devour it, never noticing the cold, dead woman beginning to rot away next to them.

It's almost as if fast food shoppers have become mindless zombies, unconscious of their surroundings and unaware of the people sitting right next to them in the room.

The dark haired woman was dressed in a gray long-sleeved overcoat and black trousers. She wore slippers and a pair of black rimmed glasses. She was homeless. She had no bag, no money and no identification. Eyewitnesses report she had spent several nights in the restaurant before because she was homeless and needed a place to sleep.

For 24 hours no one felt the slightest bit of empathy or humaneness to even approach the woman.

When an employee approached the body the next morning, the authorities were notified. The cold body was then covered, and the corner of the restaurant was sanctioned off with a black sheet. In photos right after they found the body, customers could still be seen going about their normal morning, choking down their McDonald's zombie food.

CCTV footage shows that the woman went unconscious around 1:20 that morning, when she suddenly slumped over the table. The McDonald's, which is open 24 hours, had served several customers through the early morning, but nobody paid the dead body any attention.

By 1:00 PM, the McDonald's staff had disinfected the area where the homeless woman died, and all tables were open for customers to resume their mindless fast food experience.

A spokesperson for the Hong Kong McDonald's said, "In order to provide a pleasant dining environment, we would not disturb our customers, but our service will be offered promptly upon request."

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