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When your family pet is euthanized, it can end up being "recycled" into food and cosmetics

Pet euthanasia

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(NaturalNews) A special investigative report set to air in November is said to contain "shocking evidence" that mega-corporations have conspired with government agencies to create a "genetic Armageddon."

The investigation by SkyWatch TV hints at groundbreaking information that one of the undercover journalists suggested the world might not be prepared to accept.

According to the narrator of this promotional video, three undercover journalists – Tom Horn, Joe Ardis and Donna Howell, along with the remainder of the SkyWatch investigative team – "join a host of global experts in the conclusion of a multi-year undercover inquiry that exposes what the U.S. government, the [Food and Drug Administration], and monster corporations have been hiding from you."

Horn adds: "We're talking about everything from the food that we eat, to animals and pet animals, to ultimately humans – literally, what we have been doing with genetically modified crops, what we have and are doing with trans-genetically made animals, what we fully intend to do with the human race..."

Transforming all of creation

"I mean, how many people know, right now, that the last scientist in Congress, [Rep.] Bill Foster [D-Illinois] recently spoke before Congress...he wrote an article for The Hill in which he says that, right now, the top science departments in our government that dole out taxpayer-funded revenue have already been ordered to literally create the guidelines that are going to be used for genetically modifying the human race," Horn continued.

Ardis then says he believes that "90 percent of Americans would be shocked to learn that their cats and dogs were eating these diseased meats, and euthanized pets."

"During our investigation," Howell continues, "we were able to verify that if your pet 'Fluffy' had been euthanized at one of these vet clinics or one of these shelters, it would be recycled into food byproducts, toothpaste, cosmetics, [and] deodorant..."

The narrator then says that the investigation has revealed the government "is hiding a genetic menace that is slowly, quietly, secretly killing and transforming all of creation."

Of those involved in the conspiracy, Horn said, "they have made a Faustian deal with the devil."

"I'm talking about our government," he said. "They have sold out the best interests of Americans to greedy, monster corporations that are in their back pockets."

The investigative team has produced two separate reports to be released in November: "Dead Pets Don't Lie," and "Inhuman: The Next and Final Phase of Man is Here."

In his column, Foster, who is a physicist, issued this warning:

It is rare that prominent members of the scientific community come together to warn our leaders of technological breakthroughs that our legal system and society are not prepared for. As the last scientist with a Ph.D. remaining in Congress, I feel a responsibility to transmit those concerns to my colleagues and to the public.

He went on to note that the "breakthrough" he referenced was in human genetic engineering, a field of study long pursued in the U.S. and one that "has long been a theoretical possibility assumed to be decades away from practicality."

That has changed dramatically in just the last several years, Foster wrote, primarily due to "recent breakthroughs that allow inexpensive and precise editing of chromosomal DNA." The potential of this technology has grown exponentially by in vitro fertilization, "the rapid decline in cost of genome sequencing, increasing use of Big Data to understand the relationship between genetic variations and behavior and the rapid spread of these technologies throughout the world."

Now, he insists, it's time for the federal government to understand what is coming and take steps to mitigate it.

"We must not blindly charge ahead"

The inexpensive new tools that have been developed and are now in use, Foster says, are "revolutionary" in that they allow any researcher with basic capabilities in molecular biology to edit genomes.

"Therein lies the promise and the danger," he wrote in July. "Anyone with $300 and Internet access" can now buy the technology – embodied in CRISPR kits – "to begin primitive genome editing of plants and animals."

While many uses of the technology are likely to be beneficial – such as improving animal growth rates to cut the need for antibiotics and replacing the bone marrow of a human suffering from sickle cell disease – there is also the very distinct likelihood that it will be misused and even abused.

"So serious is the potential for CRISPR and related tools that the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Medicine recently announced they will launch a major international initiative to develop guidelines for human gene editing," Foster wrote.

"We are on the verge of a technological breakthrough that could change the future of humankind; we must not blindly charge ahead," he added.

You can read his entire column here.

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