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Elmo is a corporate whore pushing vaccines for Bill Gates and Big Pharma's Merck


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(NaturalNews) Just when you thought the world of vaccine-pushing folks couldn't get any more bizarre, the face of a new pro-vaxxer has recently emerged, and it's in the form of a fuzzy, giggling red puppet.

Cutting to the chase, Elmo -- that's right, the cute-sounding, inquisitive Sesame Street character that millions of children love -- is the latest vaccine-pusher. If you think you can handle it, check out this propaganda video (below) where he appears with the United States Surgeon General Vivek Murthy.

In the video, Elmo inquires about getting shots, adorably struggling with the pronunciation of the word "vaccination," only to ultimately play on the fears that many children (and their parents) tend to have when it comes to hospital needles. "Elmo's worried about getting a shot," he tells the Surgeon General.(1)

He later asks, "Why does Elmo need a vaccination anyway?" to which the Surgeon General rattles off a series of logical-sounding scenarios that attempt to "answer" the question. For example, he responds by asking Elmo if he uses an umbrella when it rains or if he wears a helmet while riding a tricycle, as if to make Elmo and his viewers conclude that getting a vaccination is the most logical thing a person can do to protect themselves.(1)

From there, a conversation about germs and antibodies follow, essentially explaining that a vaccination gives the body the information boost it needs to stay healthy. The video ends with a friendly nurse coming out and giving Elmo his vaccination. He's urged to turn around and sing a song to take his mind of the slight pain he may incur. When Elmo doesn't even realize the shot was administered, he says, "That was so easy. Why doesn't everybody get a vaccination?"(1)

And there you have it. The final statement in the video is Murthy replying, "That's a good question," while staring into the camera as lingering silence falls on the ears of viewers, as if they're being asked themselves.

The real answer to Elmo's "why doesn't everybody get a vaccination" question

Well, Elmo -- or more appropriately, Merck and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who have deep pockets involving the show's funding -- why doesn't everybody get a vaccination? It's simple: Vaccinations have been linked to serious adverse health effects that, in some cases, even lead to death.

Ironically, young children -- the prime audience for Sesame Street -- are often the ones who fall ill after receiving the shots that are supposedly designed to ensure good health. For example, Marysue Grivna of Tampa, Florida, was once a healthy 10-year-old. But just days after receiving her flu shot, she developed a brain disease that left her paralyzed and mostly confined to a wheelchair.(2)

Ironic situation number two: The use of a literal puppet to convey health messages is almost humorous; if we didn't know any better, we'd think we were just exposed to some inside joke about whose hand is controlling what when it comes to health issues. Indeed, it is laughable, but in a pathetic way.

Some say Elmo's a pro-vaccine whore; others say his message is helpful

Reaction to the video has been varied.

The Huffington Post Canada feels that the video makes its point well, especially in the aftermath of measles outbreaks in California and Quebec. "Sometimes it takes a friendly, familiar face like Elmo's to hit home messages like the importance of vaccinations. Whatever works!" wrote that article's author, Jesse Ferreras.(3)

But a different media outlet, NutritionalAnarchy.com, is lashing out at the video.

They refer to Elmo as a "corporate whore," who is being pimped out based on his cute looks and irresistible demeanor. "Well, prostitution is the act of selling oneself for money," the author wrote. "And Elmo is now the cutest little spokesperson around for pro-vaccine propaganda."(4)

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