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CVS Pharmacy quit selling tobacco; Attorneys General asking other stores to do the same

CVS Pharmacy

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(NaturalNews) What do the Walgreen Co., Wal-Mart and CVS have in common? They all sell stale GMO food that's boxed and bagged; they all sell toxic personal care items; they all sell lab-made drugs, and they all sell cough syrup and headache medicines that contain aspartame and toxic food colorings. What don't they have in common? CVS (Caremark Corp.) quit selling tobacco. Now, more than two dozen Attorneys General from 24 states are pressuring Walgreens and Wal-Mart to follow suit. Is this the "beginning of the end" for cigarettes? Will it be like prohibition was? Outlaw cigarettes!

Wait, we're in America after all, where you're "free to choose." You have rights, right? Is CVS taking away smokers' rights, or just making a choice for them? Maybe they're just planning to sell more Chantix and Zyban, those drugs that have side effects including feelings of suicide, as if smokers don't have enough to deal with when they want to DETOXIFY (quit smoking 4,000 chemicals) and not add NEW toxins to their bloodstream.

You see, CVS is saying that "the sale of tobacco products is inconsistent" with its purpose. Yet CVS's "purpose" as described by nearly every product is to treat symptoms with chemicals. If you just walk the store and look at 95% of the products on the shelves, you can't deny that their mission is to sell GMO and non-nutritive, conventional and processed products, including junk food and junk medicine. Add in some petrolatum (Vaseline) lotion for babies and chewing gum with aspartame for your fibromyalgia.

So how noble is this effort, really? Can people just stop smoking because they can't get smokes at the "drug" store? I remember when the signs all read "drug store." Did they mean 100 milligrams of nicotine per serving (1 cigarette)? Still, health advocates are cheering the move by CVS, saying it will spur other retailers to do the same.

Deadly tobacco loaded with nicotine is still easy to find

When does the actual prohibition of cigarettes start, because I'm excited to see all the new "business developments" and the "speakeasies" on the corner instead of inside the drug store and the bar -- maybe they should call it "smoke easy." Will there be gambling and prostitution? What's America coming to -- that we get excited when some corporate toxin-dishing chain takes one of a thousand toxins off their shelves but leaves all the rest?

Allopathy keeps pulling the wool over the sheeples' eyes, and the food scientists aren't helping anyone except the rich jerks on Wall Street and the CEOs of Big Pharma. Will Safeway Inc., Kroger Co. and Rite Aid Corp be jumping on this cigarette "prohibition" bandwagon? Will they all pull cigarettes from their shelves in a "grand stand" for smokers and the Western Medicine movement and mission? Stay tuned to find out!

All these years, these drug stores have actually been PUSHING CIGARETTES, just simply selling them in the very same store that you enter to pick up your prescription medication -- for that preventable disease. Yes, America, you are being brainwashed with "close by choice" again. Which toxin do you prefer, because we just banned the one loaded with ammonia-laden nicotine, the third-most addictive drug in the world! Would you care for a brochure of a program to get you off those awful things? CVS "Caremark" (pardon the oxymoron) says they're losing about $2 billion in annual sales by giving up selling cigarettes (cancer sticks). How noble. So they're giving up making money off selling death. They can make a lot of that back though, by offering cessation programs that have NOTHING to do with nutrition, detoxification or organic "guidance" for the quitting smoker. Smokers are rarely successful at quitting for good without the right road map.

Plus, a drug store ban on selling cigarettes doesn't mean that every grocery store, WaWa, 7-Eleven and gas station is going to stop selling them any time soon. Maybe all these drug stores, if they really want to make a change, should put a regulation on the maximum amount of nicotine that can "occur" in one cigarette! Or even better, maybe all the pharmacies should hand out a brochure for an insurance plan (federal subsidy) that covers a Naturopathic Physician for these smokers to go visit regularly, or at least for the first six months of quitting -- that period in which 95% of smokers go back to smoking after trying to quit using the very "methods" that these same drug stores will all still be selling -- long after they stop selling cancer sticks.

CVS quit selling tobacco, but what is else are they selling?

Are pharmaceuticals less toxic to humans than cigarettes? What about diet soda? Does GMO boxed and bagged junk science food cause cancer, much like commercial cigarettes that contain 4,000 chemicals (ie: pesticide)? CVS sells all of those toxins right? So should they just shut down, or switch to organic, including natural remedies? I have one last question for CVS, Walgreens and every single "clone" of those retailers: Cigarettes or diet soda -- which gives you cancer sooner? (http://www.naturalnews.com)

Attention, health enthusiasts, you may want to research Artificial Sweetener Disease, and starting right now; filter all artificial sweeteners from all your foods, drinks and medicine! Also, share the natural method for quitting smoking with someone you care about who needs to STOP smoking commercial cigarettes, instead of being lead to toxic pharmaceuticals that CVS does still sell. Remember, health is the greatest wealth! Learn how to stop smoking NATURALLY in 14 days or less with the Natural Method, "14 & Out!" which is recommended by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, as beneficial to your health and well-being: (http://premium.naturalnews.tv).








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