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Would the term "anchor babies" suddenly be politically correct if they were harvested for "anchor baby TISSUE?"

Anchor babies

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(NaturalNews) Per the standard modus operandi during each election cycle – especially presidential election cycles – the mainstream media is doing its level best to play "gotcha!" with certain candidates, namely, all of those who happen to have an "R" behind their names.

And no "R" candidate is easier prey this time around than billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump. Well, sort of.

From the moment Trump launched his presidential bid in June few members of the political pundit class or, for that matter, other presidential contenders, gave him much of a chance, especially after he came out guns a-blazin' against illegal immigrants, a group of people who, in the past, were considered both untouchable and beyond reproach.

He called many of those who crossed illegally into the U.S. "murderers and rapists," and said Mexico was one of several countries who sent their problems to U.S. shores.

You could hear the gasps from inside the Beltway in Washington, D.C. "Officialdom" proclaimed him too crass for the presidency. "Latino groups" demanded he apologize. Democrats and the punditocracy proclaimed his candidacy over before it even began.

But instead of tanking, Trump soared in the polls.

Trump not hurt by traditional attempts to destroy candidates

Enter the "John McCain scandal." Just a few short weeks later Trump again drew the ire of the political elite when he claimed that the former Navy pilot and prisoner-of-war was not a war hero (before quickly reversing himself), and that he has "done nothing" for veterans.

Well, that was surely it. A bridge too far; you never say that about a man who barely survived six years in captivity after being shot down in Vietnam. And yet, once again, Trump's poll numbers went up, not down.

Following the first Republican debate, in which Trump got the first question from one of the debate moderators, Fox News host Megyn Kelly, in which she asked Trump about disparaging comments he has made in the past about women, and in particular, left-wing actress/comedian Rosy O'Donnell. Trump demurred, cracked a joke, and for days afterward heckled Kelly via Twitter, while trashing her question and Fox News. The results? Fox News chief Roger Ailes made peace, Kelly's show went on, and Trump's poll numbers rose yet again.

Suddenly, all who proclaimed Trump's candidacy dead on arrival were scratching their heads trying to figure out a) how he was managing to continue his rise in the polls when he thrice made "mistakes," any of which would have (and has) doomed other candidates; and b) what else they could try in their ceaseless efforts to bring him to heel and put his candidacy into a tailspin.

Then Trump offered his haters another opportunity. He dared use the term "anchor babies" in reference to (mostly) pregnant Latino women making their way illegally into the U.S. in order to have their child on U.S. soil, which – according to current court interpretations of the Fourteenth Amendment – makes that child an instant U.S. citizen.

Anchor babies! That's it! We've finally got The Donald!

Only, Trump is Trump and he's done what he's been doing when seemingly "cornered" by the anointed – he's doubled down, even challenging one reporter at an event to give him a better term to use when describing a child of an illegal immigrant born on American soil.

In fact, while Trump's poll numbers continue to soar, another GOP candidate – Jeb Bush – is actually the one "in trouble" for using the term which is odd given the fact that Bush's wife was born in Mexico.

'Aborted anchor baby fetal tissue' for research

Nevertheless, there are those who remain indignant over Trump's use of the phrase. Syndicated conservative columnist Linda Chavez proclaims Trump "dead wrong."

Is he? Do non-citizen women not make their way in droves illegally into the U.S. to have their children? Why, then, is there an anchor baby industry?

Maybe the term "anchor baby" would be acceptable to the PC crowd if Planned Parenthood were using the phrase, "anchor baby fetal tissue for research."

Either way, Trump's utterance of the phrase is not hurting his poll numbers. But Planned Parenthood's approval ratings after caught haggling over the price of aborted baby fetal parts from non-immigrant women, however, are tanking.

That tells the story of what most Americans really find objectionable. And so far, anyway, it's not Donald Trump.







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