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Geoengineering and the California drought: Gov. Jerry Brown ignores "chemtrail" problem while promoting more tyranny

Jerry Brown

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(NaturalNews) A group of concerned California citizens is calling on Governor Jerry Brown to be immediately recalled from office and replaced with someone who's willing to put the interests of Californians, rather than corporations and shadow government figures, as a top priority. Gov. Brown, they maintain, continues to ignore the obvious geoengineering and "chemtrail" schemes that are keeping the Golden State in a perpetual state of drought, while simultaneously pushing tyrannous legislation that ultimately punishes the people for using water that they collectively own.

Gov. Brown has repeatedly been presented with scientific data showing that weather manipulation, particularly over the last five years, is largely responsible for keeping rain away from California's many millions of acres of agricultural land. Much of this evidence has been presented by Geoengineering Watch's Dane Wigington, who's been attending city council meetings and presenting at various other forums meteorological data proving that the California drought is a manufactured event that the state government is now using as an excuse to push more tyranny.

But such evidence continues to be ignored, and California appears to be moving ever-closer to total collapse as the political heads in Sacramento offer reactionary "solutions" to the problem that utterly fail to address its cause. The widespread phenomenon of "chemtrails," for instance, which Wigington and others have pointed out is blocking precipitation from reaching California, hasn't caught the attention of a single influential figure in the state's capital, even though evidence clearly shows that chemtrails are directly impacting California's weather for the worse.

"Governor Brown has repeatedly received scientific evidence indicating that the drought was purposefully and meticulously geoengineered," explains a report published by State of the Nation. "And yet in spite of this indisputable evidence, he has never responded to those parties who have provided the volumes of scientific research showing how it was geoengineered."

"The soil samples alone have revealed shocking levels of aluminum, barium and strontium. Each of these chemical elements just happens to be the major components of the standard chemtrail mix which is sprayed daily across the skies of America."

Years of "chemtrailing" has devastated California's ecological integrity

Among Wigington's many highly-researched reports is a HAARP Report video he posted to YouTube back in April that points out five anomalous inconsistencies in California weather patterns that suggest deliberate climate engineering and weather manipulation. We reported on this previously, but to recap: Pressure systems are no longer moving and functioning as normal, and the evidence shows that storms are basically being broken up or redirected by some unseen force.

More details on this are available in our earlier report:

To be clear, Wigington and other truth advocates have been presenting this type of evidence to California lawmakers for years, but to no avail. They simply won't listen, all the while advancing the tenets of Agenda 21 to shift the blame on overconsumption by consumers rather than deliberate environmental abuse by climate engineers.

"Governor Brown is fully aware of this devolving situation and has done nothing to address it," adds State of the Nation. "The chemtrailing continues as before despite so many bringing it to his attention. In many locations the chemtrailing operations appear to have been considerably ramped up to an alarming level of intensity. And still the governor's office has no response to those who have alerted him to the regularly chemtrailed skies and worsening emergencies across the state."

Problem, reaction, solution: The way governments advance tyranny without resistance

It's important to remember, here, that Sacramento has done absolutely nothing to stop the industries that are truly wasting water or abusing their access to what little of it remains. Bottling companies like Nestle, which sell water from California's aquifers under brand names like "Arrowhead," continue to draw scarce water supplies for pennies on the dollar in order to resell it to Californians and non-Californians alike!

Nestle's permit to draw water from California aquifers expired nearly 30 years ago, it turns out. But the government of California hasn't stopped this multinational corporation, which believes access to water isn't a human right, from profiting on a natural resource that, by law, belongs to the people, not a fictitious corporate entity.

Then there's the natural gas "fracking" industry, which continues to siphon massive amounts of water from California's dwindling supplies as California residents are being forced to pay 25 percent or more for tap water, in some areas, while also facing fines for "overuse." So private corporations are essentially getting a free pass to use as much water as they want, while average folks and farmers who grow much of our food are suffering.

This incendiary behavior by Gov. Brown and his ilk is an outrage, but it's not surprising. After all, it's just the Hegelian Dialectic in action - the "problem, reaction, solution" tactic that so many tyrannical governments throughout history have employed in order to shift public opinion and implement the "solutions" they've preconceived for expanded government control.

"There are a variety of state-desired outcomes in the case of this catastrophic California drought," maintains State of the Nation. "Each 'Reaction' by the populace to the 'Problem' of the drought is first manufactured with the daily involvement of the mainstream media (MSM). Then, the state government kicks in with their predetermined 'Reaction.' Ultimately, the perfect 'Solution' will be presented when the requisite majority of citizens is sufficiently softened up to accept it without protest."

It's time for Gov. Brown to go. He's proven that his allegiance lies with the globalist agenda and not the people of California who he's been entrusted with representing and protecting. You can help get Gov. Brown recalled from office by signing the following petition and printing and mailing it to Californians for Better Government:

You can also learn more about geoengineering and how it's being used by governments around the world to advance tyranny by visiting:








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