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Babies feel pain as abortionists rip their organs out to be sold for profit

Pain perception

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(NaturalNews) One of the most oft-cited reasons used by supporters of abortion to justify even the most horrific of procedures like partial-birth abortion and, we've now learned, organ-harvesting for profit, is that the mass of flesh and blood growing inside a woman's womb is just a "fetus," not a human, that "doesn't feel pain."

In fact, this myth was perpetuated by the medical community for decades, as noted by Hilary Butler, writing of her own personal experience with such stupidity at the blog site Beyond Conformity, in May 2012.

Likely the stupidity was created as a product of Left-wing political ideology – the motivating factor behind the Roe v. Wade drive in the early 1970s to legalize the murder of unborn children. The myth was then perpetuated in large part by the legacy American media that reflexively parrots the same ideology. Both would help explain how such lunacy could work its way into mainstream medical textbooks.

But the truth will, as they say, set us free – that is, those of us who are willing to listen to it and brave (and honest) enough to accept it. And the truth is, infants in the womb most certainly can feel pain, even if some among us don't want them to or don't want to believe that they do.

The truth about 'pain' in the unborn

In 2013, during a hearing on Capitol Hill for a measure that would have banned all abortions after 20 weeks - legislation proposed on heels of the grotesque scandal involving serial murdering abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell of Philadelphia - a pediatric medical expert testified that infants developing in the womb feel pain as soon as they are eight weeks old.

"The earliest 'rudiment' of the human nervous system forms by 28 days (four weeks) after sperm – egg fusion," Maureen Condic, Ph.D., an Associate Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy at the University of Utah, testified. At this juncture, the brain, still very primitive, is already "patterned," meaning that cells in different regions are capable of producing structures "appropriate to their location in the nervous system as a whole."

During testimony she further explained:

Over the next several weeks, the brain will grow enormously and generate many complex connections, but the overall organization of the nervous system is established by four weeks. This is significant because it shows that even at this early stage, the brain is not anything like a mere collection of cells or a 'blank slate' to be written upon by later developmental processes. Like all embryonic organs, the structure of the early brain 'anticipates' the function of the mature system.

While there is near-universal agreement that the unborn can feel pain by 20 weeks, Condic says because the neurological systems are formed much sooner, feeling pain is a given.

"The neural circuitry responsible for the most primitive response to pain, the spinal reflex, is in place by 8 weeks of development," she said. "This is the earliest point at which the fetus experiences pain in any capacity."

Enter Planned Parenthood, which has been lying to the American people for a quarter-century, claiming that the "fetus" is just a blob of mindless, pain-free "tissue" – that the organization's top leaders don't mind cutting out of the unborn and selling.

Soulless brutality

As Natural News readers know, the taxpayer-subsidized organization, which is being heavily defended by Democrats and the political Left, has just been caught red-handed admitting that aborted baby body parts are sold for profit because, you know, they're "not really people yet" and besides, it's legal to "donate tissue for research."

Only, it's not legal to perform ghoulish organ extraction from human beings at any age or state of development and then sell said organs to the highest bidder – which is precisely what PP is doing.

And all without so much as a yawn from the Obama White House.

Years from now, when the history of our current times is being written – perhaps by other scholars from other countries – this dark moment will not be reflected upon favorably. The dark stain on our society that is abortion, in all its abhorrent forms, will serve as an object lesson in barbarism no less equal in its importance and impact than the Jewish Holocaust or the slaughter of Muslims and Christians alike by ISIS.

Dressing it up as "scientific research" or disguising the mindless, soulless brutality of it doesn't hide the awful truth that is there for all to see, if they choose to.

Read other lies propagated by baby chop shop Planned Parenthood at Abortion.FETCH.news







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