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California's list of coming seizures: Vaccine seizures, gun seizures, pension seizures and gold seizures

Vaccine injuries

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(NaturalNews) If you are still a resident of the increasingly authoritarian police state of California, here is a news flash for you: Your Democratic masters don't much care for your civil liberties, freedoms and rights, and in the coming months and years they are going to try to eliminate as many of them from you as possible.

Natural News readers already know that California has some of the highest taxes, highest pension costs and most restrictive gun laws. They also know the state recently adopted the most restrictive mandatory childhood vaccine law in the country, denying parents the right of informed refusal and forcing them to expose their children to potentially dangerous concoctions for the "right" to a public school education (that they are forced to pay for nonetheless).

Now, the little Stalins who dominate the state legislature want the vaccine requirement extended to adults as well.

What happened to liberty, freedom of choice and civil rights?

As reported by Vaccine Impact:

In a brazen act of medical tyranny, California recently became the first state in the U.S. where lawmakers removed religious exemptions to those opposing vaccines for their children. The bill now signed into law, SB277, faces legal hurdles in court next.

Now, legislators in California want to pass the "first US adult vaccine mandate with NO personal exemptions and CRIMINAL penalties for failure to comply." SB 792, would eliminate an adult's right to exempt themselves from one, some, or all vaccines, a risk-laden medical procedure.

Will California soon become a medical police state?

How's that for protecting and promoting civil liberties? In California, as well as several other "blue" states, civil rights are increasingly being defined as rights which the powers that be decide citizens can enjoy – not those which state and federal constitutions are supposed to protect.

"This bill eliminates medical autonomy, crushes religious freedom, undermines personal freedom, and burdens quality providers with a non-optional series of medical interventions in the form of mandated vaccines that are not even 100% effective," says an editorial at Vaccine Impact.

Seizures coming – from forced vaccine side effects to gun control and wealth confiscation

Brain-damaged, vaccine-injured Americans often suffer from seizures, but if the Leftist-driven, conformity-demanding trend in California continues, those won't be the only seizures. There will be seizures of another kind: of guns, of your bank accounts, of your other financial assets.

Besides becoming more authoritarian by the day, California is also coming closer to bankruptcy. Decades of Democratic rule have led to some of the highest levels of entitlements in the country – benefits and hand-outs to "the poor" and illegal aliens that are all paid for by state taxpayers. Included in these are generous pensions like those that are currently pushing Illinois and other Leftist-led states to the financial breaking point.

When the happens, all manner of wealth will be confiscated, at some level, most likely through higher and higher taxes. Such a dire economic condition will inevitably lead to more and more unrest (think recent riots in Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, but on a grander, wider scale). If these occur, gun confiscation won't be that far behind.

Tyranny evolves slowly but predictably

But the political and financial tyranny may not end there. What's to stop the authoritarians from confiscating other privately held assets? For that matter, as the federal government becomes less and less solvent, what's to stop bank account "hair cuts" like those in Cyprus and Greece from being imposed? Or gold and silver confiscation?

This has all happened before, and quite honestly, human nature doesn't change much, so it's likely that, given the right set of circumstances, these things would happen again.

Tyrannical behavior doesn't change much from state to state, continent to continent. When it has been decided that the people's rights will be violated and liberties taken away, all for the "greater good," the manner in which these actions are implemented are the same throughout history.

California may just be a microcosm for things to come. But for sure, anyone living there will continue to see their wealth, liberties and freedom be eroded, because the state is being led by a political party that once stood for "civil rights" but is now busy eliminating them at breakneck speed.





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