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NSA in your mouth - Scientists are creating tooth-implanted sensors to transmit oral information

NSA spying

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(NaturalNews) It's long been known (or at least theorized) that, under certain conditions, the metal in tooth fillings or braces can act as as antennae - there have been many reports of people claiming (over the years since radios and dental work have been around) that they are able to hear AM frequency broadcasts emanating from their mouths.

Recently, researchers have been busy developing tooth implants designed to do precisely the opposite, i.e. broadcasting signals rather than receiving them.

That's right, a group of scientists at the National Taiwan University are creating tooth-implanted sensors that can transmit information via Bluetooth (sort of gives the term "Bluetooth" a whole new meaning, doesn't it?).

What type of information, you might be wondering?

The team of scientists claim that their innovation is designed to send transmissions containing various data regarding a person's oral habits, such as identifying when they are speaking, chewing, smoking or otherwise engaged in activities involving the mouth.

The aim of the technology, according to its developers, is for the sensors to transmit information to doctors so that they can evaluate patients' oral behavior, making sure they are pursuing healthy habits.

For example, the scientists predict that the implants could be used to help a person to stop smoking or adhere to a diet plan.

The implants contain a tri-axial accelerometer that can identify such activities with "a 93.8 success rate," according to Gizmag.com, which posted a story about the technology back in August of 2013.

At the time, the implants still required "a wire running out of the mouth" to directly transmit the signals, but presumably by now they have managed to perfect an implant that sends the signals via Bluetooth, as originally planned.

At least that's my theory, although I can't find any recent updates on the subject, which makes me wonder if the whole program has since been co-opted by the NSA or some other spy agency.

Okay, I'm being somewhat ironic, but I would be willing to bet that intelligence agencies have paid at least some attention to the project, which truly could explain why nothing else has been heard about it since.

Or maybe I'm just paranoid.

Transhumanism vs. freedom

But seriously, it does seem odd how willing we are to embrace the idea of "enhanced humans" - a concept central to the philosophy of transhumanism.

"Transhumanism", according to the Oxford Dictionary, is "the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology."

Although this concept may be somewhat frightening to most, it certainly has its adherents and one could make the argument that transhumanism tenets are not inherently negative or dangerous.

Already, "bionic" technology is enabling some paraplegics to walk, for example, and even a simple hearing aid or pair of glasses, strictly speaking, could be considered as an evolution beyond "current mental and physical limitations."

However, as I have explored in an earlier article regarding RFID implant chips (see http://www.naturalnews.com), there is at least one huge drawback to the transhumanist school of thought, specifically, the fact that much of the "enhancement" technology being developed also has the potential of being used to track and control the population.

That's why I think we need to be careful about embracing technologies that are not only invasive to the human body and which could pose a potential health risk, we also should be extremely wary of innovations designed to be placed in the body which are capable of transmitting personal information to anyone.

Haven't our rights to privacy been trampled on enough already?



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