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When parents protect their children from vaccines, it's called 'kidnapping;' but when hospitals kidnap children to vaccinate them, it's called 'public health'

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(NaturalNews) The federal government is charging a Florida woman with "parental kidnapping" after she took custody of her own two-year-old daughter in order to protect her from being vaccinated. Megan Elizabeth Everett, 23, had reportedly been sharing custody with her daughter's father when she decided to skip town during her share of custody.

Concerned that the father, 27-year-old Robert Baumann, whom Megan was never officially married to, wanted to have their daughter Lilly vaccinated and enrolled in preschool during her next visit, Megan apparently felt that her only option to avoid this was to take the child and flee for her safety.

Authorities claim that Megan relocated from the Davie area to Palatka, where she may have changed her name in order to conceal her identity. The Sun Sentinel alleges that Megan's landlord gave a tip that the mother was potentially using an alias, which ultimately led to her identification and arrest.

Was Megan Everett kidnapping story made up to portray 'anti-vaxxers' as crazy, Confederate-flag-waving gun nuts?

However, some odd details in the official account of this case suggest that it may just be another false-flag media attack against parents who not only reject vaccines for their children but also embrace principles like the right to bear arms, the right to homeschool -- and, yes, they even threw in some Confederate flag bait as well.

Everett's supposed boyfriend, a man by the name of Carlos Lesters, according to the Sun Sentinel, is a freedom-loving, gun-toting, "Confederate flag-waving" individualist who, like Megan, presumably rejects government intrusion into personal choice issues like vaccination.

Megan herself, according to reports, loved the Confederate flag as well, and didn't want her daughter being taught "black history," Robert allegedly told the media. How convenient that each of these stars aligned perfectly, considering the mainstream media's current obsession with the Confederate flag, race baiting and gun control.

Worse is a perfectly staged photo of young Lilly published by the Sun Sentinel that depicts the girl sucking a pacifier while surrounded by open boxes of live ammunition -- "see what these crazy anti-vaxxer gun nuts are up to?" is the reaction the media expects Americans to have based on its presentation of this case.

Media wants you to see 'anti-vaxxers' as unhinged and not fit to be parents

The entire story presents itself as a type of caricature, with the gun-loving, anti-vaxxer, Confederate-flag-waving, anti-preschool mother portrayed as mentally unhinged, while her child's father is portrayed as a calm, collected, and rational guardian who supports vaccination and only wants his daughter to get an education.

Even the part about Megan's family makes no sense, with quotes from Megan's mother Pam stating that she actually supports the idea of the state taking Lilly away from Megan and handing her over to Robert, who isn't even part of the Everett family -- just because Megan supposedly "started acting erratically."

What grandmother would wish this for her own granddaughter? It's not as though Megan was a child molester or murderer -- no, the media wants you and everyone else to see anti-vaxxers who wave Confederate flags around as so unworthy of having children or being parents that their own family members are willing to betray them.

And what about the state's role in all this? Somehow, Megan, the child's mother, is considered the "kidnapper" simply for trying to protect her daughter from vaccines. But when a state-governed hospital actually does kidnap a child to have him or her forcibly vaccinated, this is considered a normal activity in the interest of "public health."

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