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Cheaply produced, homemade molecular hydrogen (H2) delivery found highly effective at treating illnesses

Molecular hydrogen
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(NaturalNews) By now everyone has heard of hydrogen fuel cells, but few have heard of the biomedical utility of hydrogen. The process begins with a 9-volt battery electrode and some salty water, known as electrolysis. One end of the electrode, the cathode with negative charge, begins to accumulate free hydrogen ions, which blend together to form H2, known as dihydrogen or molecular hydrogen. This is not to be confused with the popular hoax using the phrase 'dihydrogen monoxide'. H2 gas bubbles, mixed with metals to form metal hydrides, are the basis of hydrogen fuel cells. Over 200 papers have been published on the ability of molecular hydrogen to treat over 60 disease models including cancer, metabolic syndrome, neurodegeneration, radiation exposure and aging.

Therapeutic H2 treatment restores mitochondrial function

Mitochondria in multicellular life were given the role of reducing the toxic gas oxygen. Their membranes contain an electrochemical gradient controlling energy production from metabolites of food and the release of free radicals. The top ten causes of morbidity and mortality according to the CDC and WHO involve untreated inflammation and mitochondrial damage. Table 1 depicts the disease models that H2 has been shown to treat: http://www.hindawi.com/journals/omcl/2012/353152/tab1/
and Figure 4 addresses the top ten most pertinent demands for it: http://www.medicalgasresearch.com/content/3/1/10/figure/F4

Many studies are viewed in retrospect by these findings

Hydrogen can also be generated from intestinal bacteria by the consumption of several alpha-glucosidase inhibiting herbs, sugar, dietary fiber, and the anti-diabetic drugs Acarbose and Lactulose, which prolong fermentation time and fuel the process.

Many research groups are discovering mechanisms for the observed efficacacy of hydrogen treatment and one group states:
"Hydrogen treatment down-regulated the expression of miR-9 and miR-21, which further inhibited the activation of NF-kB, and the down-regulation of Myd88 inhibited the expression of miR-21, which activated PDCD4 to inhibit the NF-kB-induced release of inflammatory cytokines. The down-regulation of miR-199 after hydrogen treatment inhibited the activation of IKKs to inhibit NF-kB, and the potential regulatory pathway is summarized in Figure 4, in which the activity of neutralizing -OH and scavenging ONNO- was also described. The different regulating mechanisms of hydrogen gas were not exclusive but associated with each other, such as promoting cell survival, altering gene expression, and regulating signaling-pathway activity. In summary, hydrogen treatment can inhibit inflammation through the regulation of miRNAs and signal-modulating activities, which suggests that hydrogen may act as a novel gas signaling molecule."

Your doctors may not be up to date but nature always is

Those who care about their health will research http://www.molecularhydrogeninstitute.com/
It may also be called Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW water) and has been found to stimulate friendly anaerobic bacteria growth in the intestine.

There is no limit to the health we can provide for ourselves. H2 can be delivered in icecubes, in the air, drank, bathed in, injected and given in saline eyedrops. It's the most abundant molecule in the universe and evolved to serve life in the ocean in the form of hydrogenases in oceanic bacteria and so intrinsically has a role like melatonin in managing the stress on cells by atmospheric gases. Generation is cheap, and chlorine should be avoided in the water and sodium sources used. Many devices overcome the potential problems in production and storage and are sold openly to the public.




















About the author:
Cody Lakeland is a freelance writer in fields such as nutrition, phytomedicine, neurology, gerontology, epigenetics, and toxicology. He currently helps to coordinate the formulas for a internet/home-based community business specializing in customized alternative therapies.

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