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How a fruit diet can help beat cancer

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(NaturalNews) The idea of an all-fruit diet may seem off-putting for some individuals. Fruit, or actually, the sugar it contains, is quite misunderstood. Sugar is generally thought of as a bad food to consume. However, fruit can help beat cancer, despite its sugary content. An all-fruit diet is used to describe a type of diet utilized to help eliminate cancer. It does not imply a lifetime-long diet consisting exclusively of fruit. It should also be made clear that a fruit diet should be comprised of fresh, wholesome fruit. Canned fruit and dried fruit will not have the same cancer-fighting effects as fresh fruit.

The immune system and cancer

The immune system can't do much to eliminate cancerous cells because they are protected by a thick layer of protein. Known as fibrin, this protective layer surrounds each cancer cell, as well as the tumor, in its entirety. This thick protein layer protecting the cancerous cells can be broken down with enzymes. However, most individuals are deficient in enzymes, due to poor diet and/or poor pancreatic function. Utilizing an all-fruit diet, which is rich in enzymes, can help eliminate cancer by breaking down the outer protein shell of cancer cells. After the fibrin layer is eliminated, the individual's own immune system is then able to better detect and eliminate the cancerous cells.

How fruit helps destroy cancer

Attacking the cancerous cells may not be all that necessary, however. Cancer cells are highly dependent on the amino acid methionine. They use it to carry out many basic functions needed to create more cancer cells, making methionine crucial to their survival. By limiting methionine intake, cancer cells starve and apoptosis occurs in the cancerous cells. Healthy cells are not dependent on methionine, so depravation of it does not affect them. The foods lowest in methionine are fruit. A fruit diet lasting between 7-21 days can be used to help eliminate cancer. The all-fruit diet can cause significant weight loss. For this reason, the number of days spent consuming only fruit depends on the individual's weight and state of health. After the initial methionine-depravation period, the individual can switch to eating whole foods again for a few days but must then go another period of days back to the all-fruit diet. The all-fruit diet is really an alternating diet between consuming fruit exclusively, then other wholesome foods such as vegetables and healthy proteins.

Additional benefits of an all-fruit diet

Fruit is highly alkalizing. Alkalinity is a major health bonus provided by the all-fruit diet. Most individuals are acidic, mostly due to a poor diet high in refined sugars, refined carbs, red meat and junk food. Enzymes help break down proteins, fats and sugars, which means better nutrient absorption. Apart from digestion, enzymes are also used to help carry out many other bodily functions such as cellular detoxification, healing, and immune response. The beneficial effects of enzymes and fiber consumed as part of an all-fruit diet also help clear the colon for better elimination of toxic cellular waste.

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About the author:
Jeanette Padilla is an experienced herbalist, writer, and co-creator of Sunshine Natural Healing. Read more of her work at Sunshine Natural Healing, or follow her on Facebook

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