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Climate and vaccine data both systematically faked to produce false 'science'

Global warming

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(NaturalNews) Many emerging scientists today are taken advantage of and used, controlled by the funds (the puppet strings) of powerful industries and the revolving door that exists between industry and government regulatory agencies. With their careers on the line, emerging scientists are coerced into supporting "science" data that props up the elite industries or powerful world agendas that seek total control of minds and freedom. The science is passed off as truth and is used to motivate entire demographics of people to support new laws, new taxes and more centralized government.

World governments like the UN are hard at work trying to control the energy sector by imposing global carbon taxes.

Vaccine "science" is protected by a special court set up in the 1980s

Vaccine science works in this way. The CDC requires vaccine manufacturers to pay 75 cents for each dose of vaccine sold. By collecting billions in these excise taxes (funded by guaranteed government purchases of vaccines), the government can then use the funds to protect the interests of the pharmaceutical companies by paying off the families who have been determined to be vaccine-damaged. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is a special court system that lets pharmaceutical companies off the hook for hurting people, as long as they pay their excise tax back to the government so the families can be paid off to keep silent.

This cycle restricts accountability, protects the vaccine industry and destroys true republic law, taking away a trial by jury. Under republic law, a jury would examine the evidence and decide unanimously that the vaccine manufacturer has caused harm to another person and should be held liable. Dangerous vaccines would then be removed from the marketplace until pharmaceutical companies made medicine that was effective and did no harm.

Researchers' fact check weather data and uncover global warming fraud

In similar fashion, world government is calling on a global carbon tax to "protect the planet." This too will give false security. The government will be perceived as keeping the planet safe from rising temperatures while controlling energy prices and access to electricity for people all around the world. In the end, just like the vaccine industry, true republic law will be replaced by a revolving door of centralized government colluding with elites and Big Industry.

A couple of researchers are fact-checking global warming propaganda with the weather source data used to support it. What they have found is exaggerated generalizations, amplified misconceptions and even omitted data from cooling periods over the past 60 years.

These researchers found out that the weather records are being systematically manipulated to produce false research data. Researcher Paul Homewood checked the published temperature graphs for three weather stations in Paraguay. He compared the actual data with the government-recorded data. He found out that the two sets of data did not match. In each instance, he noticed that the reported data had been manipulated so that a cooling trend appeared as a marked warming period.

Homewood checked several other South America weather stations nearby and noticed similar suspicious one-way "adjustments" in the data. The US government's Global Historical Climate Network reversed the results of temperature recordings to suggest that the temperature was rising through 60 years of research. These recordings were amplified by two official surface records. The Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the National Climate Data Center amplified surface records to estimate temperatures across entire regions of the Earth where temperatures aren't even recorded. By falsifying records and then amplifying the data, these large data centers misrepresented temperatures records across an entire region of the earth.

When Homewood moved on to another region that had been used to support global warming "science," he recognized that the government cherry-picked data using normal ocean warming cycles to their advantage. In between the Arctic, Canada and Siberia, he found more false generalizations. After fact checking weather stations, he found exaggerated temperature warming which suggested that the entire region of the earth had been warming by 1C or more.

He discovered that the government records leave out important periods of data that show how the earth goes through periodic trends of cooling. At the Iceland meteorological office, Homewood got in touch with a man named Traust Jonsson. They found it strange that the interpretation of the weather data there left out data from Iceland's "sea ice years" around 1970. By leaving out the falling temperatures of this extreme cooling period in the '70s, the government propaganda was intentionally raising average temperature, misrepresenting the original data.

Homewood also investigated James Hansen, the man who ran the The Goddard Institute for Space Studies for many years. Homewood points out how Hansen tries to convince the world of global warming by showing "vanishing" polar ice and polar bears in the arctic. However, Homewood points out that Hansen chooses specific stretches of the Arctic that are affected by warmer water that cycles in through a major Atlantic current. This cyclical shift is normal and peaks a certain times throughout history. The last time the warming period of the cycle occurred was 75 years ago, a time when arctic ice retreated further than it does today.

Why is temperature data being manipulated to exaggerate warming across entire regions of the world?

Is global warming becoming one of the greatest scientific scandals of all time?

Why do global warming believers base their doctrine on pockets of manipulated temperature data that are then amplified and generalized for the entire planet?

Why are normal ocean current cycles and natural cooling-warming trends being used as weapons to promote global warming "science"?







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