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New Executive Order from Obama authorizes turning Americans into government-controlled slave labor force


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(NaturalNews) When President Obama signed Executive Order 13603, entitled, "National Defense Resources Preparedness," in 2012, many immediately saw it for what it certainly can be: An order mobilizing a huge force of American slave labor.

The 10-page document is essentially a blueprint for a complete federal takeover of the entire U.S. economy, an act that dwarfs, by far, what Obamacare has successfully taken over (the entire health insurance market, for starters).

In particular, the plan calls for taking control of:

-- "all commodities and products... that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals";

-- "all forms of energy";

-- "all forms of civil transportation";

-- "all usable water, from all sources";

-- "health resources... drugs, biological products, medical devices, materials, facilities, health supplies, services and equipment"; and

-- forced labor (or "induction" as the Executive Order delicately refers to military conscription).

Unlimited power

In addition, federal officials will be permitted to "issue regulations to prioritize and allocate resources" (what gets taken first, in what amounts, and who gets them). And each government department and agency "shall act, as necessary and appropriate" (meaning, they will pretty much get to do whatever they deem as necessary and appropriate).

Granted, a lot of this language had appeared in prior Executive Orders that were periodically issued during the Cold War.

However, more than previous national security-related EOs, 13603 reads more like a document created by a totalitarian administration intent on, and obsessed with, controlling everything.

The order, for example, doesn't bother to even discuss the (negative) implications to personal liberty and constitutional processes. There is no attempt to explain, moreover, how full government control over the economy and governing processes would enable officials to effectively deal with the various trappings of disaster: cyber attack, suicide bombings, sniper shootings, chemical warfare, nuclear missiles or any other threat.

More likely, the government's responses would be more inefficient, ineffective and feckless (think Hurricane Katrina or Superstorm Sandy, on a much larger scale), because that is the nature of massive bureaucracy: inertia, in-fighting and bureaucratic red tape. Nothing gets done in a timely, cost-effective manner.

But Obama, via his EO, has essentially guaranteed such a response, and what's more, he's prepared to force Americans into "service" in the process.

Others noted that complete authoritarianism coupled with chronic inefficiency would more than likely trigger the formation of underground resistance and other movements and networks aimed at circumventing and even undermining the national authority. Talented people with various, critical skills might even be tempted to flee the country for pockets of freedom close by (Canada) or elsewhere in the world.

And again, there is nothing in Obama's order ensuring protection of constitutional rights. Indeed, there is plenty in his order that guarantees usurpation of constitutional rights – privacy, speech, assembly, private property, due process, state's rights.

In the past, presidents pushing to expand their power past constitutional limitations have often used "emergencies" to do so. The most current "emergency" was declared by President George W. Bush on Sept. 14, 2001, and it continues to remain in effect to this day.

Obama's order has no time table, timeline or constraints on government

Imagine, if you could, the panic that widespread, coordinated and enduring attacks, both small and large, would create. While some corners would be warning against overreach, tens of millions of Americans would be screaming for the government – Obama's government – to "do something" to protect them. Whatever it took, rights or no rights – "protect us!"

And once those rights vanished in a "state of emergency," they would likely be gone for a very long time, maybe forever.

The last homegrown "national emergency" came during the Civil War, when President Abraham Lincoln assumed presidential powers never seen before or since. He claimed that the Constitution empowered him, as commander-in-chief, to take actions like suspending habeas corpus, ordering funds spent to raise armies and navies, and other actions without a congressional declaration of war or approval, because of the nature of the threat.

He was right. But as history proved, those powers were temporary and short-lived, just enough to deal with the national emergency.

Will Obama adhere to such parameters? The order does not make that clear.






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