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After children are damaged by vaccines, parents are intimidated and bullied into silence

Vaccine bullies

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(NaturalNews) Stories of medical cover-ups and missing records are not unusual today, especially when it concerns the ever-controversial area of vaccines. However, for one United Kingdom family, the issue transcends this; they've also received death threats and have been warned to keep quiet about their findings, which is common among families who have been permanently damaged by vaccines.

The findings of the Marchant family go back to 1992 when their then 14-month-old daughter Julie was given a vaccine. They specifically conveyed their wishes to medical personnel to only give their child the MMR vaccine, and nothing else. Flash forward to high-pitched screams that sent chills down her father's spine as he sat in the waiting room. As they later learned, Julie was given an illegal, untested 8-in-1 (MMR, plus five other vaccines) concoction that ultimately destroyed the girl, now 23.(1)

Nothing but health problems after girl receives vaccines, is now brain damaged

From day one, the previously healthy girl who had never previously received any vaccines remained in intense pain, often letting out the spine-chilling screams she let out that ill-fated time in Aldermoor Surgery health clinic in Southampton, UK. Julie soon began having seizures, lost her appetite, could no longer recognize people she used to and even had to wear a helmet to protect her from her consistent head-bashing episodes. She was left disabled, requiring 24/7 care which ultimately left the Marchant family financially destroyed, their mortgage gone unpaid for some time in order to care for their daughter. Julie was deemed brain-damaged, diagnosed with epilepsy and autism.(1)

Despite the fact that their daughter was illegally given an untested vaccine and the fact that their otherwise healthy daughter suffered life-changing health problems after the fact, medical experts brushed the situation under the carpet. One surgeon even dismissed the situation with advice to simply sit her in a room to cry things out.

Through the years, the family learned -- thanks to pediatric gastroenterologist, Professor John Walker-Smith -- that Julie was given no ordinary MMR vaccine. Urine samples followed a highly abnormal pattern, falling well outside of norms and indicating that more was at hand than one vaccine. However, when medical records were requested, they conveniently went "missing."(1)

The family was also informed that the head nurse who gave the orders to give the horrific vaccine was no longer there. After much legwork, archived records were eventually furnished (by a helpful general practitioner who lost her job for doing so) from when the family had visited a temporary doctor in the midst of their daughter's health fiasco. The records revealed that she had indeed received numerous vaccines -- MMR+DTaP+Oral Polio, all with an approval signature -- in one shot, a dangerous overdose that destroyed her health.(1)

Despite Big Pharma loopholes and death threats, family taking legal action to get justice for daughter

The combination, while it ruined the Marchant family's life, is considered a win-win for Big Pharma and the medical community. You see, when a cocktail of vaccines are given, no one single vaccine can be singled out as causing a health problem. The loophole lets profit-making pharma companies off the hook. And so Julie continued a life that eventually involved gastric and brain surgery, further compromising her health. She's considered beyond repair. What follows are authored papers gone missing, death threats and a government warning the family and others like them to be silent and not pursue any course of action.

Yet, they persist. They've filed suit against the doctor who signed off on the vaccines and the National Health Service (NHS), citing assault and medical negligence since five vaccines were given without permission, and in a concoction that was illegal to boot. In the meantime, their daughter vomits multiple times daily and will never be the same.(1)

"This case is not about money, this is about getting justice for what was done to our daughter," said Julie's father, William. "This is about an action intentionally committed that I never dreamed would happen."(1)

Beyond vaccine damage: families also victim of bully-like comments and guilt-riddled innuendos

Sadly, vaccine damage happens but falls on deaf ears in the medical community. Records are lost, employees are fired and tables are turned. For example, many pro-vaxxers try to make others feel guilty by saying ignorant things like, "You are endangering other children by telling your story," or "I'd rather my child have autism than a deadly disease like the measles."(2)

Between the missing information and bizarre words that are uttered to affected families, it's obvious that massive cover-ups are taking place, and it's high-time more people stand up to the monsters who think money is more valuable than human health.


(1) http://vactruth.com

(2) http://vactruth.com

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