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(NaturalNews) Some of the scientific studies on vaccines show strong links to serious vaccine injuries. Other scientific studies on vaccines show no links to vaccine injuries. What is going on? Both sides of this issue quote their studies, and the public is understandably confused. How can scientific studies on the same subject have opposite findings and conclusions? I think I know the answer, and it isn't pretty. The major factor is who paid for the study or where the livelihood of the scientists comes from. If we look at the studies that show no problems with vaccines, they are nearly always funded by the CDC and/or the vaccine companies, or the livelihood of the scientists is tied to the vaccine industry. If we look at the studies that show major problems with vaccines, they are almost always done by independent scientists who are not financially dependent on the CDC or vaccine companies. We could cling to the naive belief that all science is a search for truth and corruption is rare, but that doesn't seem to be the case when it comes to science and vaccines. (Story by Dr. William H. Gaunt, republished from AgeOfAutism.com with additional editing by Natural News)

Which side has the most money to throw around? It isn't close. The vaccine companies have enormous amounts of money to exert their influence, and the independent scientists have minimal financial support. Which side of the story gets the most play in all forms of mainstream media? That isn't close either. With billions of dollars on the line, golden rule #2 applies: the side with the most gold makes the rules. Don't expect equal treatment for both sides of this issue. Most people assume that the truth is what they see or hear in mainstream media, and they don't have any idea of the power and influence that is exerted on media by wealthy corporations. It is not fair at all, but that is the way it is.

People can't expect the truth on this issue to just fall into their laps. They must actively search for the truth, and only a small percentage of people can and will do that. Those who have vaccine-injured children have had the sad truth thrust upon them. Their voices are suppressed and drowned out by those who benefit from maintaining vaccine policy as it is and continually adding more vaccines to the schedule. The vaccine industry solution is to pass laws that force everyone to get every vaccine. What a great business model for the vaccine companies: everyone must buy your products and you have no liability (since 1986) for injuries or deaths caused by your products.

How will this turn out? No one knows. The dark side is winning at this point, but it looks like the tide is starting to turn. How would all this look if we could go a few decades into the future and look back? I believe that this era of medicine will be seen in the future as very dark because of the mostly preventable great harm being caused by vaccines.

A case can be made that a few of the vaccines have more benefits in terms of preventing infectious diseases than risks of vaccine injury. Greed is the major factor that has resulted in more and more vaccines being added that have virtually no benefits other than being great money makers but have serious risks of vaccine injury.

The CDC is at the center of this controversy. They control vaccine policy. Their decisions are not based on what is best for our children's health. Their decisions are based on what is best for vaccine company profits. It is a sad story that must change.

The single best resource for getting to the truth on this issue is the new book, Vaccines 2.0. This book is readily available from amazon.com or your local bookstore. The authors grade each of the 14 vaccines on the schedule individually, and they provide great information on how to protect your child from infectious diseases and also minimize the risk of vaccine injuries.

Doctor Gaunt is a retired Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. Read more at AgeOfAutism.com

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