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Autoimmune epidemic in USA skyrockets: We are destroying our gut microbes and wondering what is wrong

Autoimmune disease

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(NaturalNews) Online health boards and blogs are exploding with thousands of "threads" and panicky forums of mostly women who are pleading for help with autoimmune "epidemic" symptoms like fatigue, joint pain and hair loss. But it may not be what's wrong with THEM, it's what's wrong with what they're putting in their body, over and over again -- chemicals. Let's take a really close look at what causes autoimmune disorder.

If you or a loved one are suffering "vague" but debilitating symptoms, it might just boil back to five major areas. Eliminate them permanently, and the root problems might just dissipate -- revealing that there's not really an "epidemic" at all, but rather a big nasty cover-up going on in the mass media and the mass allopathic world of deceit. Consider this: Rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and even lupus are all caused by the same mechanism -- autoimmunity.

Do you suffer from allergies, psoriasis, liver disease or just irritable bowels? Does your child have autism? You might be completely surprised to find out most of these "cases" start and end in the gut, where the good bacteria needs to outnumber the bad bacteria 85% to 15%, respectively. What on Earth could be "inverting" this ratio? It's time to get to the heart of the matter. First things first.

#1. Flu shots and vaccines: Vaccines are "repeat offenders" when it comes to ingesting toxins that destroy immunity, especially flu shots that people get yearly. What easier way to annihilate the immune system than injecting embalming fluid, mercury and aluminum into some muscle tissue, conjuring unnatural reactions of the hormones, central nervous system and the brain? Vaccines often contain genetically modified bacteria, live viruses, chicken embryo and aborted fetal proteins. Can you imagine what that does to your good bacteria you need for digestion and immunity?

More than 290 million Americans get a "shot in the dark" every year. Little do they know they could build natural immunity and foster good gut flora and microbes with coconut oil, spirulina and sprouted organic foods. They could take oil of oregano, garlic, cinnamon and licorice root for building immunity from colds, sicknesses and the flu. Watch the "Ignite the Truth" video of Dr. Wakefield explaining how vaccines screw up the gastrointestinal tract: YouTube.com.

FYI: The in Italy.

#2. Soda sugar annihilates gut microbes: HFCS, or high-fructose corn syrup, in soda comes from GM corn that contains pesticides which destroy your good gut flora, ruining immunity and making the body more susceptible to catching colds, flu and infectious diseases. The acidity level of soda is near that of battery acid -- causing kidney disease and lowering bone density. It's even been linked to kidney stones.

#3. Pesticides kill flora: Genetically modified food contains chemical-based pesticides, and that's why Big Biotech does not want GMO labels on anything in the USA. Pesticides annihilate good gut microbes in seconds, contributing to an overall immune-compromised body that constantly struggles to find nutrients for survival, systematically losing the ability to fight off pathogens, parasites, genetic mutant-versions of bacteria from insects and antibiotic-resistant superbugs common in US hospitals. Pesticides are the archenemy or "kryptonite" of the immune system.

#4. Fluoride in conventional food and the water supply: Nobody wants to admit that their government is evil. Too late. Tap water contains something you NEVER want to put in your body, and that is sodium fluoride and hydrofluorosilicic acid, an industrial waste byproduct that is sold to America by China very cheaply. This kind of fluoride is NOT good for your teeth, but it is good for causing cancer and brittle bones. Want the weakest immune system of anyone you know? Drink only tap water and see what happens.

#5. Toxic gluten: Conventional gluten, for the most part, is the sticky "glue-like" mass of wheat head that contains toxic food processing and preserving chemicals that no man, woman or child should ever consume. It can stay in the digestive and excretive tracts for days if not weeks, devastating flora and breeding bad bacteria, leading to autoimmune disorder, a common condition that millions of people can't figure out.

Fact: Over 18 million Americans suffer from gluten and GMO toxicity. Coincidence? I think not.













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