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You have two choices folks


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(NaturalNews) As I pointed out earlier this morning,[1] and have been writing about now since 2009 in volume, the entire medical system in this country is a racket. In virtually any other industry the routine practices in this "industry" and the associated "insurance" industry with it would be considered felonies at both a state and federal level, implicating RICO, The Sherman, Clayton and Robinson-Patman acts at the federal level and consumer-protection laws in the states. (Story by Karl Denninger, republished from Market-Ticker.org).

It isn't for one reason and one reason only: You refuse to demand that it does, and you refuse to back up that demand with whatever you need to do, including a full-on tax and production strike, until it is. You also voluntarily provide services and goods to and associate with the very people in this industry who are intentionally screwing you blind!

Bloomberg has a nice article[2] on Gwinnett (GA) county this morning "exploring" the potential impact of the looming Supreme Court decision on Obamacare subsidies. Let's look at just one of the many statements in there:

Now before the Supreme Court, the King v. Burwell case threatens to make Obamacare unaffordable by ending federal subsidies that hold down premium costs based on income.

Nonsense. There is nothing "held down"; those with lower than median incomes are granted welfare from the Treasury's general fund to pay for part of the cost!

This is like saying that food stamps "hold down" the cost of food. That's farcical and knowingly false yet Bloomberg prints this with a straight face knowing that it is false.

All four states declined to create exchanges and could have spiraling premium increases if the court nixes their subsidies. In Georgia, premiums would rise 381 percent without the credits, according to a June 3 analysis by Kaiser.

Wrong again.

The premium is exactly what it is. I have a premium statement here and I get a subsidy because I intentionally reduced my output and thus income since I refused to simply make more so that I can hand it over to the health insurance company. My answer was "NO!" and since the people (as a whole) in this nation refuse to put a stop to the government sticking a gun up my nose in an attempt to force me to pay I took the lawful means of dealing with it and cut my income -- and lifestyle -- voluntarily.

The premium does not change whether I get a subsidy or not. There are three items on that invoice -- the premium, the "APTC" (advanced premium tax credit, or welfare given to me in advance predicated on my income) and the net bill for me to pay.

If the APTC disappears because the Supreme Court rules the subsidies inapplicable then I qualify to drop coverage entirely because the cost exceeds the percentage of income cap.

I will immediately do so.

If, after that, I get sick I will either find a way to buy the treatment I need in the free market, including using my passport if I need to, or I will die.

I accept this.

I refuse to accept the price-fixing and monopolist behavior of this industry to the extent that I can legally evade it. If the ability to evade that reaches the point at which it impoverishes me then it will have also done so for half the country at which point we as citizens will have some very difficult choices to make -- and all of them will be ugly.

We, the people, should make damn sure that day does not arrive, but it cannot come via the USSC's decision irrespective of which way it goes. The consumption of one dollar in five by this "industry" cannot be sustained, it is destroying our competitiveness as a nation, it is destroying our families and both Medicare and Medicaid will collapse within the next decade or so if this crap is not stopped.

And by the way folks if you think this is limited to your "health insurance" you're dead wrong. Pull out your car insurance bill and the declarations page. You will find a line there called "Medical Payments" (it may be called "PIP" or similar in some states) which is state-mandated coverage. The price of that coverage is five times what it should be and for drivers with lower liability limits it's frequently the most-expensive part of their policy. In addition your Bodily Injury coverage cost is jacked, typically by at least twice, due to this same racket. It doesn't end with auto insurance either; Workman's Compensation, which is required of businesses once they hire their first employee, is also a multiple of real cost for the same reason and this reflects back into the price of everything you buy from a hamburger to a gallon of gasoline.

You choose folks but most of us, myself included, are going to live long enough to eat the consequences of inaction should we all choose to sit on our ass and not start treating this industry exactly as we do car repair shops and gas stations when it comes to collusion, price fixing and similar acts.

We are out of time.

Read more at: Market-Ticker.org.


[1] https://market-ticker.org

[2] http://www.bloomberg.com

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