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How to heal severe poison ivy rash quickly using nature as the antidote

Poison ivy
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(NaturalNews) When a person comes in contact with poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac, a severe, blistering rash may develop in the coming days, but there's no need to panic and see a medical doctor, even if the rash has claimed one's face or genitals. Prescription steroids only disturb sleep and neuron processes, while damaging the endocrine system. These artificial corticosteroids work by suppressing the immune system, making one more susceptible to future infections. These steroids disturb sleep and cause anxiety. These drugs also oppose the actions of insulin, increasing the production of glucose from amino-acid breakdown, welcoming hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, and diabetes.

There's a more effective way to heal poisonous rash without burdening the body with numerous side effects. In fact, a four-step holistic process can effectively eliminate the itch, reduce the inflammation, draw out the poison, and disinfect the skin. If treated early enough with the right amount of discipline, this holistic protocol can clear up poisonous rashes within three days without the need for drugs.

Precautions to take

The toxic resin of poison ivy, oak, and sumac is called urushiol. It's important to note that the spores of these poisonous plants can be washed off with soap and water before they start wreaking havoc on the skin. Prevention is key. It's best if a person can identify the plants before they make contact with them. Also, if a person has made incidental contact with the poisonous plants in the woods, they can rub clay mud onto the affected area to help dry up the poisonous urushiol.

Kill the itch to prevent spreading poisons

If one fails to avoid or clean the urushiol off in time, a raised rash with blistering pockets will most likely appear. It can come in the form of lines, dots or entire raised patches of skin. Itching flares up easily, enticing the individual to scratch. In this moment, it seems that nature is the enemy. However, now is the time to fight nature with nature. Interestingly, plants that can grow alongside poison ivy, like jewelweed, can be used to take the itch away. This homemade salve, which contains infused oils of comfrey, arnica, yarrow and calendula, also stops the itch. Apple cider vinegar works too.

Bringing down the inflammation

Even so, there's more to healing the poison ivy rash than just eliminating the itch. To bring down the inflammation from the inside, it's important for one to eat the powdered roots of burdock (1tsp.), turmeric (2T), and ginger (1T), up to three times a day.

It's equally important for one to submerge the affected areas in an infusion of water mixed with oatmeal, apple cider vinegar, activated charcoal, and various essential oils like tea tree and frankincense. Taking baths in this mixture helps. If the poison has invaded one's face or eyes, it's safe for one to dunk their face into a sink that is full of these ingredients several times throughout the day.

Drawing the poison out and disinfecting the area

After soaking the affected area in these anti-inflammatory and soothing treatments, one should use a skin-drawing and pore cleansing clay mixture to pull poisons and toxins from the skin. This skin mask, which includes bentonite clay, activated charcoal, turmeric, and red Moroccan clay, is powerful, especially when used with tea tree essential oil and water to make the clay into a paste. After allowing this mixture to dry on the skin for 30 minutes, the poisons are drawn out. At this point one can disinfect the area by washing with soap and water.

Doing nothing will allow these poisons to persist for weeks to months. By committing to this holistic protocol for three days, the inflammation of the raised skin drops considerably, the poison is effectively pulled out and the itch is hardly recognizable.





About the author:
Passionate about holistic wellness, Lance Johnson and his wife invite you to www.allnaturalfreespirit.com, where you can buy clean, chemical-free body care products.

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