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Parents told to abort their baby girl because she would be born with an ugly face


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(NaturalNews) Those who adhere to the political Left's vision of itself as a purveyor of fairness, defender of the most vulnerable and champion of individual rights and the common man will never see the movement as the self-righteous, authoritarian, hypocritical, social-engineering apparatus that it truly is, for they are blinded by ideology.

Nevertheless, it is imperative that such chicanery in a political movement be exposed as often as it occurs, for only in the presentation of truth can minds, however closed, be opened.

Anyone who has walked on the planet for a day knows that the human race is an imperfect species. That said, inherent in most human beings is a moral compass that generally seeks equilibrium with the surrounding civil society. We most often forgive shortcomings and imperfections in others because we know that we, ourselves, are also far from flawless.

Adherents of the Left like to pretend this rule of society doesn't apply to them, as they assume power unto themselves to decide for the rest of us what constitutes righteousness and fairness, no matter how conflicting and duplicitous such determinations really are.

The case of Britain's Simon Moore is a classic example of liberal intolerance and selective compassion.

Abortion supporters or eugenics supporters?

As reported by the Daily Mail, Moore was born with a severe facial disfigurement and other disabilities as a result of a condition known as Treacher Collins syndrome, which, according to the National Institutes of Health, can manifest itself mildly or severely. In mild cases, the condition is barely noticeable, but in severe cases, "individuals have underdeveloped facial bones, particularly the cheek bones, and a very small jaw and chin (micrognathia)," NIH said on its Genetics Home Reference website.

The condition has also left Moore profoundly deaf. The Daily Mail reports that the condition affects just one in 50,000 births.

When Moore and his wife, Vicky, discovered that they were going to have a daughter with the same disfiguring condition, they decided against aborting her -- a decision that their neighbors and others have branded as "cruel."

As the Daily Mail further reported:

The couple underwent IVF to start a family, and were given the option to pay £9,000 [about $13,900] for treatment that would detect and destroy any embryos carrying the faulty TC gene.

But they decided against it, because they could not afford a second course of IVF.

Baby Alice was born in February last year.

However some neighbours have criticised the couple's 'cruel' choice, while one child branded Alice a 'gargoyle'.

Alice has a milder form of the condition; she has full cheekbones and there is only a slight gap below her eyes, making them droop slightly.

She constantly has a runny nose, the paper noted, but her chin is not receded, which is a classic sign of the condition. She was born with a high palate, however, and that has made feeding her somewhat of a challenge; it is time-consuming, for one thing, and Alice is often hungry, her parents say.

She was also born with malformed ears -- again, a typical feature of the condition -- and there is no hole into the inner ear, forcing her to wear a bone-anchored hearing aid that allows vibrations to travel through the bones into the inner ear. Therefore, she is not completely deaf; she can hear most things when it is quiet.

So much for tolerance

And though Vicky and her husband deeply love their child and have never been happier -- Simon says he will tell her she is beautiful every day -- they are constantly taunted and ridiculed, as well as made to feel guilty for giving Alice life.

"I never wished for Alice not to have TC," Mr. Moore said. "Even though I grew up with all the problems and complications it really didn't bother me either way whether she had it or not.

"We all knew if she had it that she'd be surrounded with people who loved her whatever," he added. "There's nothing on this planet anywhere near as special as Alice. She's changed my life. There's no doubt about it. She's her dad's little girl and I will tell her she is beautiful every day."

Mrs. Moore, who has three children from a previous relationship, says she and Simon "didn't go into this with our eyes closed." She said the couple went through more than a year of genetic counseling before she became pregnant with Alice.

She says the intolerance of people is constantly on display, with many pointing and staring at both Simon and Alice. Some people have even pointed and said, "Ugh!"

So much for tolerance, compassion and empathy in left-leaning Britain, where -- as in all countries on Earth -- not everyone grows up to be a runway model.





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