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Christian family and parenting organization chastised for hypocritically promoting vaccines made from aborted human fetal tissue


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(NaturalNews) The U.S.-based nonprofit organization Focus on the Family is gaining national attention after coming out in defense of childhood vaccinations despite repeated warnings from some of its followers about the use of aborted human fetal tissue in the manufacture of at least 23 popular vaccine jabs, including the infamous MMR vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella that has been linked to causing autism.

The Christian-affiliated advocacy group, which offers advice and instruction to its supporters on issues relating to the family and parenting, is staunchly pro-life -- except, apparently, when it comes to the use of aborted human fetal tissue in the production of government-recommended vaccines, a fact about which the group has remained hypocritically silent.

In a recent issue of Focus on the Family's Thriving Family magazine, which is also published online, an in-house doctor by the name of Daniel Hinthorn answered a question from one of the magazine's readers, who was concerned about the safety of vaccines. He wrote that "solid research over the past two decades has shown vaccines to be safe and effective." Case closed.

While admitting that vaccines do come with the risk of side effects, Dr. Hinthorn claimed that these negative outcomes "are uncommon and usually minor." He proceeded to scare Thriving Family readers into vaccinating their children by parroting the myth that not doing so would contribute to the alleged resurgence of preventable childhood diseases.

Focus on the Family's defense of vaccines is deceitful; vaccines are inherently anti-biblical, warns watchdog

Nowhere in Dr. Hinthorn's propaganda-laden response is there any mention of the use of aborted human fetal tissue in many childhood vaccines. Contradicting Focus on the Family's "Sanctity of Human Life Guide," which states that the group "advocate[s] a biblical view of human value" that applies to "abortion, embryonic stem cell research, cloning, physician-assisted suicide, and other assaults on human dignity," Dr. Hinthorn's reassurances about vaccine safety and effectiveness are disingenuous.

"Are you aware that there are more than 23 vaccines that contain aborted baby DNA, cellular debris, cells, and protein?" asks Megan Heimer of Living Whole in an impressive rebuke of Focus on the Family's duplicitous stance on "speaking out for 'those who cannot speak for themselves,'" a position the group maintains based on the verbiage in Proverbs 31:8 of the Holy Bible.

"These [vaccines] include Adenovirus, Polio, Dtap/Polio/HiB Combo, Hep A, Hep A/Hep B Combo, MMR, MMRV Pro Quad, Rabies, Varicella, and the Shingles vaccine, and there are more in the pipeline. A lot more," she added.

It is important to note that Dr. Hinthorn is hardly an unbiased source of wisdom on the supposed biblical defense of childhood vaccinations. As revealed by ProPublica, Dr. Hinthorn received thousands of dollars in payments from vaccine manufacturer Merck & Co. for the promotion of its vaccine for shingles, which Heimer pointed out also contains aborted baby ingredients.

This is deeply concerning because millions of Christian American families rely on Focus on the Family for what they believe to be unbiased information supposedly centered around biblical truth. What they're receiving instead from this prominent Christian group - at least on the issue of vaccine safety and effectiveness - is the same tired lie being spread throughout the mainstream media that vaccines have been proven to work with minimal risk. Even worse, there is no mention of the fact that vaccines are inherently incongruent with Focus on the Family's stated moral position regarding the sanctity of human life.

"[L]et's not forget that the Bible has a thing or two to say about Big Pharma and her vaccines," warns Heimer in her well-written response to Focus on the Family's hypocrisy in defending the sanctity of human life, except when it comes to vaccines.

"' [...] For thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.' - Revelation 18:23-24 (John is talking about a commercial and political system that controls the people. Sorcery comes from the Greek word pharmakeia (fa?ľa?e?a), which is where we get the word 'pharmaceutical.'"

"In the New Testament, it is used to describe an occult practice using magic-based potions, poisons, or medicine and in this verse it was used to deceive the nations. I'll let you figure out who's who in this modern-day scenario."

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