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Sellout scientists who promote industry propaganda as science - trading humanity for profit

Sellout scientists

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(NaturalNews) GMO is anti-science. Who knew? The biotech industry in general is wrought with fraud, hucksters, shills and lobbyists. The following is a list of hucksters and shills who "sell their souls" for money to represent whoever cuts the biggest check. It all started with Big Tobacco and thousands of doctors getting paid to say they smoke cigarettes -- and worse -- tell consumers they are good for health. Then, processed food and synthetic pharmaceuticals hit the market. People ate their way into chronic medical care that does nothing but prolong the agony of the ultimate health "defeat." Often, people are given choices within this construct, but all roads lead to the same place -- an early grave.

Not much has changed today

Now, America is being sold on vaccines, GMOs and fluoridated water. The Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend injecting mercury and aluminum into your muscle tissue so you can be "safe" from infectious diseases. In many instances, certain employees are even fired if they refuse a vaccine.

Still, Big Pharma and those who support them thrive; it's estimated that the $30 billion global vaccine market as it exists today could very well be worth more than three times that within 10 years. We're left spinning our wheels as we're told to take medications and multi-jab inoculations to help our bodies, only to face the likes of superbugs, nasty viruses or even death.

Hospitals are already wrought with dirty instruments, prescription-slinging doctors and oncologists who push chemotherapy and further mutate patient's cells. As this Nazi-esque behavior continues, their body becomes more acidic and prone to more cancer.

Some rogue journalists, talk show hosts, comedians, and even politicians propagate the lies for money, just to make a quick buck and be in the spotlight. But the question remains: Do they practice what they preach? Do they get their own kids vaccinated? Do they get the flu shot? Highly

Great questions. Scary answers.

Unfortunately though, the madness continues. What's especially disheartening are those who have embraced health in the past -- scientists and otherwise -- but who have now caved to evil thoughts and behaviors.

List of shills and sellouts:

Jon Entine

This biotech front man is a huge GMO propaganda promoter who has been fired by Forbes and has acted violently towards his own wife and daughter.

Bill Nye the Science "Corporate Sellout" Guy

Once speaking out against GMOs, he recently changed his views after a visit with the folks at Monsanto. Yes, he actually went there and soon afterwards, announced a change of heart concerning GMOs.

O, The Oprah magazine

The magazine recently ran a Monsanto ad featuring a happy family gathered around a kitchen table.

We'd like to assume this was an oversight by the busy Oprah Winfrey, as the appearance of the ad in a magazine that otherwise advocates a healthy lifestyle was disturbing to say the least. What are we to think of the publication's articles if the supporting ads are contradictory?

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

He hosts science and space exploration shows and also happens to promote GMOs. He spouts uneducated nonsense about GMOs in interviews, telling people that it's the same thing as selective breeding. Perhaps he just wants us to believe that because it's what he's paid to say.

Jimmy Kimmel

Even comedians try their hand at promoting GMOs and vaccines.

Kimmel has used comedy to try to shame anyone who doesn't take mercury-containing vaccines, essentially poking fun of those claiming to be damaged by them. Even when he received a negative response to his routine, he responded in a way that continued to position vaccines positively.

Grocery Manufacturers Association

This sinister association pays millions to keep GMOs from being labeled by individual states, preventing people from their basic rights of knowing precisely what foods they are ingesting.

Check out these infographics created by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, that explains 100 years of lies and deception in America and how it's further propagated by mainstream media.

Teach this to your children so they can teach their children. Be aware of the sellouts and wanna-be-scientists who sell humanity's health in exchange for profit.















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